March 25, 2023

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பெரு அணி | Why should we as Peruvians learn from the silence left behind by Qatar being knocked out of the 2022 World Cup | Chronicles | Peru vs Australia | Repechage Qatar 2022 | Ricardo Carreca | RMMD DTCC | Game-total

The most terrifying of all silences occurs when a country shatters in front of a screen.

If so, silence is not the absence of sound, but the presence of pain. Pain that causes compression, suffocation, and paralysis. Acute pain that shocks millions of people at once.

As if we all remember where we were, who we hugged, how much we drank On June 13, 2022, the afternoon when we as adults feel the cold from the depths of our souls, will not be erased from our memory.

In the middle of a big failed party that was not always complete, it was as if we were disconnected. We were souls then A light left-footed shot and the goalkeeper can not crown his story of overcoming Andrews Redmine He kept his mentally ill face after dancing strangely on every penalty.

Advinkula covered her tears with her red and white shirt and had already collapsed. Comrades who, with a little remnant of life and honesty, like Araujo, helped the fallen, by what words God knows.

A team that wants to qualify for the World Cup cannot take its first shot at 98’s (Edison Flores shot).

Peru did not lose on penalties, but in the 90th minute, they did not catch the ball or create danger. Chocolate, zero cocoa. We forget about the bow, and what they say is our essence.

Missing as much Yotun And his clean outing, but above all that industry never hides. Neither Gonzalez nor Peனாa ‘Consita’ responded to the call of history.

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The ‘Gulebra’ Guerrero Showed a shortage of football, and QuewaThe man band of this selection was captured without rhyme or reason.

The exact moment when the selection is removed from the twelve steps.  (Photo: GEC / Daniel Apuy)
The exact moment when the selection is removed from the twelve steps. (Photo: GEC / Daniel Apuy)

Above, LapadulaThe only Italian to have the opportunity to play in Qatar in 2022, the dwarf among the Australians and showed an extraordinary sluggishness in diving into space.

Renato Tobias, Deliberate but very inaccurate. Y Miguel Draco, Absent. Ghost. Nothing.

The only change that worked was Kareka’s deadly weapon ‘Oreja’ Flores. He scored the qualifying round goal by banging his head on the post.

But not more than that. We starve when it comes to scoring opportunities. At its peak it was the worst version of the team.

Andrew Redmine celebrates with his teammates.  (Agencies)
Andrew Redmine celebrates with his teammates. (Agencies)

The Australians played their game: they made us physically and mentally exhausted, knowing that we were favorites, with tickets bought to Qatar at the end of the year.

They beat us 5-4 on penalties. This elimination is a heart-breaking lesson that on Mondays, the table is filled with banquets, suites and unopened bottles in the fridge. We already know how to return to the World Championships after 36 years. Now let us learn from silence.