January 18, 2022

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7.3 magnitude earthquake and tsunami alert issued in Indonesia Moumare | Flores Island | USGS | The world

A magnitude 7.3 earthquake shakes the east , According to the first estimates of the authorities, causing panic among the residents of the place, but without leaving any casualties or significant material damage. The US Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake was recorded at 0320 GMT and had its epicenter at a depth of 18.5 km, 100 km north of the island of Florus, about 100 km from Maumere.

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“I was in the field. People started running in panic. I’m still scared ”, Said Noraini, who lives on Adonara Island in the East Flores region.

Initially, no casualties or damage were reported in the quake-hit areas, but officials were alerted as several aftershocks were recorded.

One of them was injured மாங்கரை Abdul Muhari, a spokesman for the Disaster Management Agency, said a school had been damaged (in the eastern small Sunda Islands) and on Selayar Island.

Images from the affected area show Indonesians fleeing their homes, some running with small children, and traffic jams of motorcycles and cars heading to higher ground.

“I was looking at my phone when the vibration occurred. I felt it for 30 seconds. Was strong “Alvan, who lives in Bhutan on the southeastern island of Sulawesi, said.

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In Peru, the Navy’s National Tsunami Warning Center (CNAT) indicated that the earthquake in Indonesia would not create a tsunami off the Peruvian coast.

Fire belt

In Maumere, A city of about 80,000 people on the island of Flores, disrupted the earthquake vaccination campaign.

“People were getting vaccinated when the quake struck. People began to run in panic. Julius mentioned a city dweller named Tara.

“There were more than 200 people (…) and the vaccine was discontinued as a result of the earthquake”, Added.

Indonesia It experiences frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions due to its location on the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, a curve of intense delirium activity that stretches from Japan to Southeast Asia.

In 2004, Indonesia was hit by a magnitude 9.1 earthquake off the coast of Sumatra, which triggered a tsunami that killed 220,000 people in the region, including 170,000 in Indonesia.

In 2018, another powerful earthquake shook the island of Lombok, followed by several more earthquakes in the next two weeks killing more than 550 people.

That same year, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake and tsunami killed at least 4,300 people on the island of Sulawesi.

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