November 27, 2022

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A Chinese university has successfully tested a new magnetic levitation car

A university China A successful new venture Auto of Magnetic attraction (Maglev) on a highway in the east of the country, local media reported that the 2.8-tonne vehicle was 35 millimeters off the road surface.

The car, developed by Chengdu Jiaotong University (Sichuan, Center), was modified from a Auto The magnetic system installed is traditional, which allows the conductor to levitate on the rails, the state agency gathered Xinhua.

Professor Deng Zhigang from the aforementioned institute emphasized that the development of the technology vehicles will continue based on the success of the test. Maglev With the aim of reducing energy consumption and increasing the range of distances that cars can travel.

Alternative energies

Other vehicles powered by alternative energies also took part on the same day in a test organized by the transport authorities of Jiangsu (East) province, some of which reached speeds of nearly 230 kilometers per hour.

The objective was to examine the design of roads and appropriate safety measures while driving at high speeds.

last year, China He introduced the train Magnetic attraction Fastest in the worldWith a speed of 600 kilometers per hour, it was produced in Qingdao after five years of research and development.

Local media described it as the fastest land vehicle in the world.

The Asian giant has had this technology since 2004 when a line began operating in Shanghai Maglev Low speed between the outskirts of the city and Pudong International Airport. EFE

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