March 25, 2023

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A mountain snake bit the genitals of someone sitting in the bathroom

A Python 160 cm, which slipped through the pipes, today bit the neighboring house of the Austrian city Cross While sitting in the toilet, local media reported.

The 65-year-old told police he realized there was a “pin” in his crutch when he was in the toilet. Although he was not seriously injured, the hospital examined him to rule out possible infections.

The reptile is an albino reticulated python, a non-venomous snake that belongs to the victim’s neighbor, a 24 – year – old boy.

“This is not an easy task”

The boy, who assured that he did not understand how the pet could escape from the territory he was in, is charged with negligence and is awaiting a decision on whether to remove the animal.

The young man has ten non-venomous snakes and a gecko, and the python is believed to have reached the neighbor’s house via pipes, the APA explained. The Pitton He was rescued from the toilet by a reptile expert.

“It was not an easy task. The python had all its muscles tense and was wedged in a tube,” he explained to the Austrian newspaper Kronon. Newspaper.

(Information from Efe)

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