March 29, 2023

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According to media reports, the United States has informed Ukraine about the sinking of the Russian ship Moscow

United States Provided intelligence information to assist Ukraine The U.S. media reported on Thursday that the Russian Black Sea Navy’s flagship Moscow missile ship would sink in April.

The media, including the CNN and the Washington Post, cited US government sources, pointing out that Washington had no “advance notice” that the iconic Russian ship would be attacked by kiv.

However, they recognized it EE.UU The sea “shares information” Ukraine In order to help the country defend itself against attacks by Russian forces launching missiles from the Black Sea towards the Ukrainian border.

EE.UU Would have helped to accurately locate the location of the missile ship to carry out the attack UkraineAccording to these sources.

The Pentagon has not officially confirmed the US role in the sinking of Moskva, but has acknowledged close cooperation with kyiv.

Ukraine It integrates the information we and others provide with the intelligence they collect for themselves. Then they make their own decisions. “ State Department spokesman John Kirby saidAt a press conference.

Russian version of the sinking of Mokwa

Until now, Russia Moscow has admitted that one person was killed and 27 were missing in the sinking, that Moscow was responsible for the fire and the explosion of ammunition, and that Kiev and the United States were responsible for the impact of two Ukrainian missiles.

Military sources Ukraine They said the Russian ship was hit by two Ukrainian “Neptune” missiles, resulting in several explosions and a fire.

Russia He first ensured that the ship was moderate, that fire and ammunition were contained, and that crews were evacuated to other ships in the area.

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Hours later, however, the Ministry of Defense announced that Moscow was sinking “in the middle of a storm when it was dragged into port.”

(With information from EFE)

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