May 30, 2023

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Afghanistan: A woman who posed with a pedophile over the age of 30 who was forced to do more than herself

The woman must be about 11 years old and pose with a child three decades older than her Afghanistan The film was captured in 2005 Stephanie Sinclair, An American photojournalist for National Geographic, whose work focuses on gender and human rights issues, republished the image on Thursday 19 August after the Taliban returned.

Although it was taken 16 years ago, its content is more relevant than ever, as many women and girls wonder what their lives will be like after the rebels return.

“20 years after the US invasion Afghanistan, Overthrows Taliban, world sees dramatic setback in recent history of women and women’s rights“The photojournalist said.

“Shortly after the Taliban returned to power, Reports of war crimes and violence against women began to spread, Including the abduction, beatings and forced marriages of women with the Taliban, ”he explained.

For decades, Afghan women and girls have boldly sought their freedom and opportunities. Despite insurgents promising to respect women’s rights, they removed photos of women from the streets Afghanistan.

Between 2003 and 2005, the photographer photographed burned Afghan children. Most were married between the ages of 9 and 13. The result was his contribution to self-motivation at the 2010 Whitney Pinnacle Exhibition Afghanistan: A cry for help.

In his latest Instagram post, Stephanie Sinclair A friend of hers, an Afghan journalist, revealed the message sent to her.

Photo: Instagram capture / stephsinclairpix

“My heart is breaking into pieces. For centuries we have been victims of wars, children, adolescents, mothers. As always women. We do not want to be enslaved to beatings. We do not want these 20 years of progress to simply go away and disappear,” the text shared.

According to a national geographical reference, Stephanie Sinclair She has been photographing child marriage for 13 years. In 2012, she founded the Young Non Do Wet, a highly non-profit organization, to support the outcome of the practice.

“My first meeting with child marriage took place Afghanistan In 2003. I was horrified by the story of some women who set themselves on fire. After some research, I found out that one of the reasons they made this drastic decision was that they were forced to marry as children, ”he told the newspaper.

Every time I meet a woman in every country, especially those who marry older men are heartbroken. The more I follow this event, the more I try to unravel. The shock of these women coming with them when they come of age is still there when we talk to them about their experiences, ”he denounced.

Recent News on Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden has warned of a possible new attack on Kabul airport on Sunday or Monday. Afghanistan Leave it in the hands of the Taliban.

“The situation there is even more dangerous and The threat of a terrorist attack at the airport is high, “Biden wrote. In a statement on Saturday night. “Our commanders told me that an attack was likely in the next 24 to 36 hours.”

A few hours later, the US Embassy in KabulHe urged its citizens to leave the airport “because of a specific and credible threat”.

Two days after the suicide bombing at the airport, according to two health officials of the former Afghan government, They killed at least 90 civilians, according to local media reports of 170 people.

In addition, 13 U.S. soldiers lost their lives under the worst of their military Afghanistan Since 2011, the Washington drone has hit interests in the north Afghanistan A branch of this jihadist group in the region responsible for the suicide bombings in the Islamic State of Korasan (IS-K).

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