February 2, 2023

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Afghanistan: Afghan artist who saved Joe Biden 13 years ago: “Save me and my family” | USA | Taliban | Taliban | The world

The Afghan translator who helped rescue the then senator and now the US president 13 years ago. , Asked for your help to leave Following the US withdrawal, The Wall Street Journal reported in an exclusive report this Tuesday.

“Hello, Mr. President: Save me and my family”, Said the translator who identified himself as Mohammed.

Identity: The US-Taliban “secret agreement” was revealed for the Kabul eviction

This man and his four sons are hidden AfghanistanThe Taliban regained power in mid-August, after a year of trying to leave the defeated country.

His application for a special visa for immigrants to Afghanistan was designed for translators and those who worked with the US government because the US contractor he worked for lost documents supporting his claim.

Like thousands of comrades, he has been trying to board a U.S. military plane to enter Kabul airport in recent weeks. AfghanistanBut he was unfortunate: American forces allowed him to pass, but not his wife and children.

Now, according to the newspaper, Mohammed is one of numerous U.S.-Afghan allies who were left behind after the withdrawal of U.S. troops that ended Monday.

“Don’t forget me here” The man asked Pita, who at the same time was “very scared” and could not leave the house.

In 2008, Mohammed, then 36, helped rescue Biden and two senators from two U.S. Armed Forces Black Hawk helicopters that were forced to land in a valley 30 kilometers from Bagram due to a blizzard.

Biden was accompanied by senators John Kerry and Chuck Hagel.

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Faced with a request for help from the crew, Mohammed traveled for hours in a Humvee military vehicle with members of the Rapid Reaction Force of the 82nd Air Force, Brian Gente, a sergeant who was on duty at the time.

After rescuing the senators and transferring them to Begram, Mohammed stayed in the valley with American soldiers for about 30 hours.

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