June 3, 2023

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Afghanistan | Ahmed Masood | Amrullah Saleh: Who can oppose the Taliban in the country? | NTC | The world

The Taliban arrived at the gates of Kabul last Sunday, August 15, after a vicious attack that began in May after US and NATO forces began to withdraw. In the last ten days, the rebels have captured all the major cities , Almost without encountering opposition.

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Since the hardline Islamist group took power six days ago, the main focus of international research has been on respecting women’s rights, especially as they immediately recalled the rules imposed by the 1996 regime. Education was banned.

In addition, a section of the community spoke out against the arrival of the Taliban in the streets or on social media. Clearly affected by the situation and future of the country. Immediately, one of the questions that arises is: Who can oppose the Islamic group within Afghanistan?

Explain , Foreign Minister at the last hour RussiaSergei Lavrov said the Taliban did not control the whole of Afghanistan. The Russian official noted that specific information is still available Panjshir Valley Opposition forces are still concentrated Amrullah Saleh, Former First Vice President of the Government of Afghanistan, and Ahmed Masood.


Amrullah SalehAshraf Ghani, who was announced as caretaker president after his ouster, is now promoting opposition to the Taliban and has become the former executive’s top leader to stand firm against the insurgency.

After the fall of 34 Afghan provinces, including the capital, the self-proclaimed president is in the province of Panjshir and its well-known valley, about 100 kilometers north of Kabul, which has become a stronghold against the Taliban. In the hands of the rebels.

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Saleh Protests yesterday in some parts of the country applauded on Thursday, in which people opposed the replacement of the Afghan tricolor flag with an uprising symbol.

It should be noted that Saleh, who belonged to the Panjir and Tajik ethnic groups, was part of the so-called “Northern Alliance”, a front of many militants that confronted the rebels during the Taliban regime between 1996 and 2001.

There was an attractive guerrilla in Punchshir leading this resistance Ahmed Shah MasoodThe so-called “Lion of Punchshir” was a strategist and thanks to the natural strength of the valley he was able to prevent the fall of the province under Taliban control, as he had done before during the Soviet invasion.

Son “Panjir Lion“, Young man Ahmed Masood, Seems to have now become one of the key pieces leading to that resistance in the company Saleh.

El Papal Ahmed Masood

Ahmed MasoodThe 32-year-old spoke Thursday, saying members of the Afghan military, including some elite special forces units, have joined forces with the West for this cause.

We have many ammunition and weapons that we have patiently collected since the time of our father because we know this day is coming.He mentioned in a speech published in Washington Post, Some of the forces that joined him brought their weapons.

If the Taliban attack, they will surely face fierce opposition from us.”, He deepened.

Ahmed Masood’s father was assassinated on September 11, 2001, just days before the attack on the United States by Al Qaeda militants. His name is constantly overweight Afghanistan Internationally.

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It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Some speculate that Masood’s statements may be the starting point for negotiations.

With information from AFP and EFE.

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