October 7, 2022

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Afghanistan: Barefoot, without millions of dollars, this is the plane of the country’s former president when the Taliban came.

Barefoot, without millions of dollars in his luggage, he was accused and hidden, and that’s how he got away. Kabul Former President by helicopter Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani hit the capital on August 15 last year The Taliban.

A recent report by the Inspector General for Reconstruction Afghanistan Collects about thirty testimonies from the days and hours before the fall of America (SIGAR). KabulIn an attempt to find the millions of dollars stashed away Presidential Palace.

that day, Fruit He agreed to leave the country only when the adviser National securityHamdullah Mohib and the head of the Presidential Security Service (PPS), Gahar Kochai, pressured him into believing they were going to kill him, the document says.

“The exit was so sudden that the president forced it, barefoot vulgar Looking for the president’s shoes,” an Afghan official told SIGAR.

Before the fall

Los American troops The final phase of withdrawal has begun Afghanistan A chaotic exodus in early May 2021, after more than 20 years of war, left Afghan forces without vital support. Since then, province after province has fallen to the Taliban at a pace never seen in the two-decade conflict.

August 13 Fruit Had a meeting with the Vice President in his office Amrullah SalehInterior, defense ministers and senior officials to discuss the fall of Herat city, which became the eleventh provincial capital captured by the rebels a day earlier.

In the crowd they were very anxious to understand why Afghan forces Abandoned their posts, “Until then, no one took cover KabulA former government official who attended the meeting said.

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On Saturday, a day before the fall of Kabul, Lohar surrendered and Nangarhar was already under threat, “Basically, we saw the disintegration of the ANDSF (Afghan National Defense and Security Forces),” another official said. Knowing that “that decline is imminent.”


On the morning of Sunday, August 15, reports said the Taliban began to enter. Kabuland hundreds of government and palace employees They started running awayOnly a dozen of them remained, including the security team Fruit.

Those who remained tried to contact the responsible security agencies Kabul. But “we couldn’t find it Defense Minister Neither does the Chief of Public Service. “At the Ministry of Defense they said there was no one in the building,” another official told SIGAR.

The same Fruit He spoke to the interior minister and the head of national security, who “asked them to send people to the city to maintain order. But they didn’t have anyone. The police had come to work in their uniforms in civilian clothes that day,” he remembered.


at noon, Fruit The first lady has agreed to expel Rula Ghani, according to another official, who has refused to leave the country while the president has tried unsuccessfully to meet with the defense minister. Kabul.

With the first lady and close aides ready to take off in four helicopters, Koch and Mohib decided to return to appease the president.

After being secretly expelled, Fruit He was taken away by helicopter. Before takeoff, a presidential guard approached one of the helicopters, pointed his gun and shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) before being attacked by other PBS guards as the helicopters took off, another official said. All end.

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Four aircraft were loaded Fruit and fifty of his collaborators, unable to reach the airport to board a flight to the United Arab Emirates, then a long helicopter flight to Uzbekistan.

million dollars

He tried to follow the trail of millions of dollars in cash allegedly in SIGAR Presidential PalaceAs well as crores of funds in the hands of officials who abandoned them Kabul Last year.

Russian Embassy in Kabul He told reporters that $169 million was in the helicopters Fruit and his associates have denied, and according to SIGAR it could be closer to $500,000.

According to all the witnesses interviewed by SIGAR, the luggage on board was minimal, some containing personal belongings and others cash. The First LadyHe had time to pack, two suitcases, mostly clothes and about $800.

According to SIGAR’s assessment, considering the route taken by the helicopters, the required fuel reserves and the excess number of passengers, it is unlikely that they would travel with the amount of money involved.

According to data from American Numismatic Society Used by SIGAR, 169 million hundred dollar bills, stacked end to end, form a block 2.2 meters long, one meter wide and one meter high.

“This block weighs 1,688 kg or almost 2 tonnes,” he estimated.

Response to questionnaire sent by SIGAR FruitHis lawyer explained that the former president had accumulated assets during a fruitful career EU Before he became president, this translated to about $5 million Fruit Before assuming office as President.

This money was given to the first lady and the The leader is Kani to the palace when they moved there after the first victory in 2014, he said in a letter.

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“Unfortunately, when he left Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, most of his personal belongings, including his monetary assets, computers and documents, were left behind and eventually stolen,” he explained.