June 3, 2023

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Afghanistan | Fawad Antarabi: Taliban kill Afghan folk singers, they previously drank tea | The world

A fighter His family said Sunday that the Afghan folk singer was shot dead in an unstable mountain province under unclear circumstances.

The crime has rekindled fears among activists that the rebels will re-establish their strict rule in the country after their lightning strike overthrows the country’s government.

Identity: The United States has hit a vehicle that made an “immediate threat” to the ISIS-K airport in Kabul

Murder Fawad Antarabi When it occurs United States The culmination of a historic flight that left tens of thousands of people stranded at an international airport Acceptance, There have been scenes of chaos since the Taliban took over the country two weeks ago. The Taliban have stepped up security around the airport following the killing of 180 people by a counter-attack by the Islamic State of Afghanistan. Britain completed its exhaust flights on Saturday.

U.S. military cargo planes arrived at the airport Sunday ahead of President Joe Biden ‘s deadline of Tuesday to withdraw all troops after the U.S.’s longest war.

The murder of the folk singer took place on Friday Valle de Antarapi, Gave it its name, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of a part of Paclan Province Acceptance. The valley has seen violence since the Taliban captured and some districts have fallen into the hands of anti-Taliban militants. The Taliban claim to have recaptured these areas, although Panjir, a neighbor in the Hindu Kush Mountains, is the only state in the country’s 34 provinces that does not control itself.

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The militants had already searched Andrabi’s house and had tea with the musicianHis son Jawad Andrabi told the Associated Press. But something changed on Friday.

“He’s an innocent singer who only made people happy”, Said his son. “He was shot in the head on the farm.”

His son said he wanted justice and that the local Taliban council had promised to punish his father’s killer.

Taliban spokesman, Jabihullah Mujahid, Told the AP that the rebels would investigate the case, but he had no further information.

Larima Pennon, the UN special envoy for cultural rights, and Amnesty International Secretary-General Agnes Gallard have expressed concern over the killing.

“There is evidence that the Taliban of 2021 are similar to the intolerant, violent and repressive Taliban of 2001,” Kalamart wrote on Twitter. “Twenty years later. Nothing has changed in that sense.”

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