July 6, 2022

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Afghanistan | Fida Mohammed | “He wanted to go abroad”: Doctor’s father in pain as he tried to flee to US falls from plane in Kabul | Legend Mohammed | USA | US NNTC | The world

Pain in Kabul. At least four people were killed Monday when a U.S. airliner crashed into the ground at the airport. In desperation for the Taliban to come to power, civilians tried to escape Boarding the plane.

Identity: Live | The latest for the Taliban since the fall of Afghanistan

As reported Bajwa was one of those who fell from a US C-17 plane, according to the Afghan news agency Fita Mohammed22-year-old dentist living in Kabul province.

Identified as his father Payanda Mohammad, Noted that Hope This was her first child and she graduated from college and university. Later, he got a job at a private hospital.

Payenta Mohammed added that her son got married a year ago and his financial situation was not better. “Because she spent so much money on her wedding and borrowed it, she was always worried about debt and looking for ways to go abroad.”

The day the Taliban came to power Byonda He says his son told him the Americans were moving Afghanistan from the capital to the United States. 24 hours later, Hope He left his home and his relatives thought he had gone to work.

However, the story was different. Byonda She tried to communicate with her son for several hours. “It was about thirty in the afternoon when the phone rang. A man told me that someone had fallen from the plane and that the number was in the man’s pocket. Announced.

The victim’s father said he went quickly to the said address on the phone in the hope that he would be alive. When he arrived in the area, he was informed that he was his son Hope Was dead. That same night, he was buried in his hometown of Pacman County.

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Payanda Mohammad The local media is asking for his voice to be heard around the world, demanding justice.

American Research

The U.S. Air Force (FFAA) has launched an investigation into civilian casualties related to a U.S. C-17 aircraft departing from Kabul airport, which reported that some of the planes crashed while in the air and contained human remains. Found on the ship’s landing gear.

According to the newspaper The Washington Post, the Air Force’s Special Investigation Office (OSI, for its acronym in English) is expected to conduct an investigation and include interviews and videos of the plane’s airport in the Afghan capital and it went viral on social media.

OSI’s review will be thorough to ensure that we obtain the facts related to this tragic incident.The Air Force said in a statement. “Our heart goes out to the families of the deadHe added.

With information from EFE.

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They found the remains of a man clinging to the landing gear of a military plane that had escaped from Afghanistan.
They found the remains of a man clinging to the landing gear of a military plane that had fled Afghanistan. Video: Twitter

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