February 2, 2023

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Afghanistan: Kabul airport dogs prepare to return to work

Dozens of dogs were dropped off from Kabul airport during chaotic evacuations on their return To power , Get ready to go back to work.

Most of the dogs, which specialize in searching for explosives, were found in the section of the airport controlled by the U.S. military, which they abandoned, according to their new owners. Afghanistan On August 30 after 20 years in the country.

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“When I saw them leaving [los soldados estadounidenses]I came to save the dogs. “Howard Assisi, an employee of a company responsible for airport security, told AFP.

When he arrived, he found 30 of them in an area controlled by US forces. Others were in areas managed by former Afghan security forces.

All are fed, maintained and trained by Howard Assisi and his colleagues From his company’s training center, two shipping containers are located in front of hangars used by the U.S. military for many years.

Trainers trained dogs that were abandoned during a chaotic evacuation from Afghanistan last month. (Kareem Sahib / AFP)

The PETA, an animal protection organization, has accused the U.S. administration of abandoning dozens of dogs.

PETA has made a firm plea to President Joe Biden to send the animals back, citing the situation in which about 60 explosive-laden dogs and 60 special animals “sitting in cages on the airport runway” are “locked in a cage in a hangar”. Suffers from heat without satisfactory access to food or water.

Daily training

The Pentagon has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning social media outlets have been made more than once.

“Contrary to misinformation, the US military did not release dogs into cages at Hamid Karzai International Airport, especially so-called military dogs.” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said.

Although it is not clear who the dogs belonged to, several were found in the section of the airport used by U.S. forces.  (Kareem Sahib / AFP)
Although it is not clear who the dogs belonged to, several were found in the section of the airport used by U.S. forces. (Kareem Sahib / AFP)

Whether American or not, Howard is now preparing the Canine team for the upcoming opening of the airport, a priority for Assisi and his colleagues.

“We trained to see them” What exactly can they do, Assisi said, they felt like “bombs sniff dogs”.

His favorite is Rex, a dark brown Malinois, who walks a few meters every day from three old Afghan Air Force planes.

Filled with American food and plain rations on this small piece of land, he hides a box that smells of explosives. After a few seconds, Rex returns with the box and is gifted a ball to play with.

Two weeks after the mandatory vacation, the group of dogs will soon be back in action.

Over the course of several days, the action slowly returned to the airport runway. The commercial plane from Islamabad landed on Monday, two weeks after two swords were blown, for the first time since the Taliban took control of the country on August 15.

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