March 29, 2023

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Afghanistan | Nasser Mohammad: Famous Afghan comedian shot dead by Taliban Kasha Swan NNDC | The world

Famous comedian Nasser Mohammed has been shot in the head by the Taliban Like Kasha Swan, after making fun of them at the end of July, Human Rights Watch confirmed.

Identity: “This is a red line”: Taliban warn of “consequences” of delaying US withdrawal after August 31

The Afghan comedian is famous for making fun of what usually happens in his country through dance and song. The titles were suggested by his followers. In this type of content, the Taliban are no exception. Some of his videos were uploaded on the social networking site Dictok.

Identity: “We are ready to protest”: Taliban opposition group from rebel Banjshir Valley

However, Nasser Mohammed He is not a target of the Taliban for his online jokes. The person served in the National Police Afghanistan, A decisive point for the rebels to act against him in retaliation, such as the international media From Spain.

The case of the comedian became known through a video recorded in late July, where he was seen armed with two Taliban Kalashnikovs (assault rifles) in the back of a vehicle.

At the time, Mohammed He mocks the Taliban and the rebel on the right slaps him. At the same time, the one on the left can only laugh and change his arms for a bigger one. The video was recorded after he was removed from his home.

Identity: Brief executions and restrictions on women: UN report in the early days of the Taliban

Mohammed Died after several attacks. Reports even show photos of the man leaning against a tree and lying on the ground with his throat slit.

Identity: US speeds up withdrawal from Afghanistan following Taliban’s withdrawal warning on August 31

In the first instance, the rebel group denied responsibility for the crime Mohammed. Eventually, they accepted the faculty and said the two men in the vehicle were Taliban. They were arrested for questioning.

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The Taliban claimed that the comedian was involved in torturing and killing several Taliban, but agreed that he should be tried in Taliban court.

Since they came to power on August 15, the Taliban have been trying to pacify the people Afghanistan They have changed and their rule will be less brutal than the previous regime, between 1996 and 2001.

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