March 29, 2023

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Afghanistan: TV presenter surrounded by armed Taliban [VIDEO] | The world

Video of a TV presenter surrounded by the Taliban It spread on social media in the last hours. It was a journalist Mirwais Heidari Haqdust, who appeared on an Afghan show and aired on YouTube, a few men carrying guns.

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Journalist Kian Sherifi knew of the story on Twitter and shared the video on his social networks. “Behind him are armed Taliban militants, and Afghanistan television’s political talk show Peace Studio says the Islamic Emirate (Taliban’s preferred name) must “cooperate, not be afraid.””.

Sharifi explained that the show was called Bardas, and on August 29 it was surrounded by seven gunmen in an interview with a Taliban leader.Many asked if the presenter, Mirwais Heidari Haktust, That’s okay. Last night he mentioned a new episode of the show that talks about the consequences of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.The sheriff wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

In other stories, a well-known Afghan photographer who fled the country after threats from the Taliban claims that the regime will overthrow the Afghan media and deceive the West when its representatives promise to allow journalists to work freely.

Masood Hossaini, winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2012, now works as a freelancer while working for France-Press Agency, explaining in an interview with AFP that Afghanistan’s new bosses are already blocking the press, especially female journalists.

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“It will be very bad. (The Taliban) are trying to kill the media, but they are doing it slowly,” the 39-year-old photographer said in a desperate call from the Netherlands, after fleeing Afghanistan on the last commercial flight. Acceptance.

After the fall of Kabul, representatives of the Taliban, including the women who worked among them, assured the media that they could exercise freely and not be disturbed. They even held a formal press conference, in which a spokesman answered questions from the press.

For the photographer, the Taliban’s promises are a sham. “The Taliban will completely disband the media and completely cut off the Internet to become a new North Korea for the region,” he said Friday at an exhibition of world press photos in Amsterdam. Won in 2012, second place for the image of a woman dressed in horror green after a suicide attack.

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