May 30, 2023

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Afghanistan: Young footballer dies after falling from military plane as he tries to flee his country

Jackie Anwari, A young footballer who played in the lower divisions of the national team Afghanistan, After trying to catch up and travel, he fell down For an American flight Departing from Kabul, the country’s Directorate General of Physical Education and Sports reported on Thursday.

“Anwari, like thousands of young Afghans, wanted to leave the country, but fell off a US plane and died,” the agency explained in a statement posted on Facebook.

Thousands of Afghans They went to the airport en masse The Taliban, which seized power following President Ashraf Ghani’s flight this week, is due to settle after the attack.

Crisis in Afghanistan

In a heartbreaking video shot Monday from the runway, hundreds of people, many of whom were preparing to take off with a U.S. Air Force plane, tried to catch the plane.

The other rows show a dangerous fall for two C-17 aircraft After departure.

Human remains They were later found in landing gear, and the U.S. military confirmed it was investigating possible deaths related to the C-17 departure. (AFP)

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