November 27, 2022

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Alejandro Toledo testified as a witness at the Ollanda Humala trial Lava Jato | Money Laundering RMMN | Politics

Former President Participated as a witness in the oral hearing proceeding against the former President for the crime of money laundering.

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The trial began at 9 am and is presided over by Nayko Coronado of the Third National Collegiate Criminal Court.

It should be noted that Toledo Manrique is under house arrest in San Francisco in the United States while his extradition to Peru is being resolved so that he can answer the investigations against him.

A statement from Toledo was given in 2006 to explain possible funding that Ollanda Humala may have received from Venezuela. Attorney German Juarez from the Lava Jato Special Committee requested his presence.

Humala Tasso is said to have used part of the tainted money to fund the 2011 election campaign of the Nationalist Party, along with his wife, in complicity with Mario Julio Torres Aliaga, the political body’s treasurer.

Another of the three charges refers to campaign financing for the 2006 general elections. According to investigations, the ex-president’s partner may have received money illegally extracted from the Venezuelan public treasury, sent by the late president Hugo Chávez. By Inversions CA, a Venezuelan company.

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