November 27, 2022

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Alexander Dugin | Who is Darya Dukina, the daughter of Putin’s “ideologist” who died in a car explosion? War Russia – Ukraine | Vladimir Putin | Moscow | | the world

A car engulfed in flames burned next to a fence on the road that runs through the village of Veliki Vyasomi on the outskirts. . A few meters away, a man clutches his head in horror. A body is stretched out near the vehicle, that of Darya Tukhina, who died before her father’s surprised gaze. The so-called Rasputin of the Russian Chancellor .

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So far, authorities have no further details about his death UEFA. First theories indicated that Dugin could have been targeted with explosives because they were supposed to be traveling in the same vehicle. The young woman’s death, additionally, has already sparked talks from different commentators demanding revenge. UkraineAlthough the Kyiv government denied any link to the event.

We are not a criminal state”, said Mykhailo Podoliak, adviser to the President of Ukraine.

Following in father’s footsteps

Alexander Dugin is known as “The Theoretician” or Rasputin Vladimir PutinBecause of his closeness to the Russian president despite holding no official position.

The 60-year-old philosopher established himself as a public figure in the 1990s by expressing his views. Russia “Eternal Rome” among his articles published in the far-right daily Den.

In the same years, in addition, he co-founded the National Bolshevik Party. Dukin has demonstrated his ambitions to create a multilateral world, harnessing the potential of Eurasia and giving Russia a central role in this new order.

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It will be behind Putin’s military campaigns against Ukraine, including the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the current offensive.

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Daria DukinaFor his part, he showed that he had the same ideological line as his father and had already begun to serve the interests of the Kremlin.

A 30-year-old philosopher and journalist, Dukina has spent the past few months defending an aggressive foreign policy. PutinIt justifies the necessary action to combat it “Western Dictatorship”.

“It’s liberal dictatorship, it’s liberal fascism, it’s Western dictatorship (…) it’s over”This is how Dubina described the enemy facing Russia, according to an interview with a local radio station hours before his death. .

A few days ago, on Tuesday, UEFA He participated in a TV show promising that “Western man lives in a dream, a dream he derives from his global supremacy”. He was speaking during the Army 2022 event on Friday “Mental Maps and Their Role in Network Central War”.In it he said that the massacre by the Russians in Bucha was staged by the West.

He traveled to Mariupol in June after it fell into Russian hands to ensure that the Azovstal steel mill, a scene of Ukrainian resistance, was packed. “Satanism” Y “Black Energy”The New York Times reports.

Dukina poses next to a tank during a military exhibition.

Obstacles against you

Although he did not have much influence in the government or was a nationally renowned figure, Dukhina had an important presence in Russian ultranationalist circles.

In March, the US put him on its sanctions list for allegedly running a disinformation website created by the oligarch. .

In July, the United Kingdom also used sanctions to consider it “Frequent and high-profile contributor to disinformation about Ukraine and the Russian invasion of Ukraine on various online platforms”.

Dukina’s death has deeply affected the most radical circles in Russia. “I don’t understand why buildings are still standing on Bankoa Street in Kew (where the President’s office is located)”Dikran Keosayan, a government-affiliated TV host, was surprised.

“The enemy is at the gates (…) Keep calm, Daria. You will be avenged!”wrote her father, Akim Apachev, a musician and Russian nationalist, along with a photo of the young woman and her father.

Photo by Akim Abachev, Darya Dukina, right, and her father, Alexander Dukin.
Photo by Akim Abachev, Darya Dukina, right, and her father, Alexander Dukin.