July 6, 2022

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As part of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3), we are going to show you five mobile applications. Developed with advanced technology and artificial intelligence, they all have the same purpose of facilitating the life and routine of those suffering from certain types of disability.

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According to information provided by the National Institutes of Statistics and Informatics (INEI), 10.3% of Peruvians have some disability, which may be due to any of the following: Below are the best free apps that are most useful for those individuals, for physical or motor, emotional, intellectual and mental health reasons.

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Free apps for people with disabilities

Project Contact

This is a new application , Designed specifically for those who have difficulty communicating or interacting with Google Assistant. The application uses phrases that help to understand unique voice patterns and provide access to three main functions of the application: listen, repeat and assistant. To use it, it is necessary to fill it .


Currently available only in Spanish, it uses artificial intelligence to help the visually impaired (visually impaired) or visually impaired. It basically tells you about everything around you.

Thanks to the cell phone camera, the aforementioned application uses artificial vision technology, which is capable of recognizing intentions and texts from the physical universe, which can be announced by the smartphone’s speaker system. It also has a variety of methods: it allows you to scan and read documents, identify food labels, and the objects around them.

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Voice access

Another of the accessible products Android This allows you to use the cell phone without touching the touch screen of the device. The above application allows you to navigate through installed applications, write and edit text, and talk to Google Assistant without the need to use your hands.

Instant transcription

Instant Transcription Application (, In English) Created by a Google employee with hearing loss. What is this for? All of this is done through the built-in microphone of the mobile device to record the conversations going on around you in real time. They have also added the ability to recognize ambient sounds such as a nearby dog ​​barking, someone knocking on the door, or a speeding car.

Look to talk

An experimental Android application that uses eye movement and vision to select pre-written phrases on a screen and communicate aloud. People need to look left, up, or right to quickly select what they want to say from the list of phrases.

In addition, it has the function of customizing words or phrases so that people can show their true voice and adjust the sensitivity of eye movement.