May 30, 2023

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Arthur Labinjo-Hughes: Torture and poisoning: Case of child killed by father and stepmother shocks UK | EC stories | The world

A court One of the most shocking cases in British public opinion in recent times was the sentencing this Friday: the torture of six-year-old boy Arthur Lapinho-Hughes and his father and stepmother.

The father was sentenced to 21 years in prison, while his partner Emma Dustin was sentenced to a minimum of 29 years in prison.

Dustin, 32, hit the boy on the head last year and killed him with salt. He took a photo of himself lying on the ground and sent the picture to his father, 29-year-old Thomas Hughes.

In the judgment, Judge Mark Wall ruled “Something very sad and disturbing” He met in his life.

The judge, who regretted that none of the accused had expressed remorse, described their behavior as “tragic”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson responded Friday to news of the sentence and considered it The details of the case “cause deep concern.”

Without giving any evidence of abuse, a government spokesman said authorities would not hesitate to take action following an investigation that began after British social services visited the baby’s home months before the baby’s death due to a grandmother’s complaint.

After his mother was jailed for killing his partner in 2019, Arthur was in the care of his father and stepmother at a home in Solihull, West Midlands, England.


Dustin shook Arthur several times on June 16, 2020, hitting him hard on the head, killing him with “extensive and devastating” injuries.

When admitted to the hospital, the baby had high levels of sodium in his blood and could not be measured accurately with hospital equipment. 130 wounds on his body, A medical expert described it as “deep trouble”.

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During the trial, the government charged Arthur with poisoning the woman with too much salt. In the distance, stands 14 hours on a sidewalk.

Emma Dustin and Thomas Hughes were convicted of the boy’s murder. (West Midlands Police)

The judge cited Dustin’s self-recorded audio and video files in which Arthur appeared to be “crying, calling grandparents and uncles, and attacking himself in such a way that no one could recognize a baby crying for help.” Was ”.

Referring to Arthur’s death, Dustin said the amount of violence used “created forces in the child’s body equal to the forces exerted by a high-speed collision.”

“The injuries to him are extensive and devastating,” he added.

(Family photo)
(Family photo)

One of the most troubling aspects of the case was that the couple’s other two children “lived a completely happy life in that house,” a few meters away from where Arthur had been subjected to unimaginable abuse.


The judge considered the couple’s inhumane treatment of the child during cohabitation as a mechanism to continue the abuse, and recalled that they referred to him in the news as “Satan” or “Hitler”.

“If he appeared to be a lesser man, they would have had more freedom to abuse him,” he commented.

Although the father was not there at the time of the murder, he was found guilty of “inciting” violence against his son and beating him on several occasions.

On Judgment Day, Dustin refused to enter the courtroom to hear the judge’s comments or the victim’s assault report.

UK football fans were preparing to pay tribute to the boy over the weekend when it became known that one of the abuses the boy had suffered was the tearing of his favorite Birmingham City shirts.

Arthur was described as a cheeky child, admired by his extended family.  (Family Guide)
Arthur was described as a cheeky child, admired by his extended family. (Family Guide)


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