June 3, 2023

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Artificial Intelligence | Why You Will Get Digital Twins Soon (And Why They Are) | Spain | Mexico | USA | BBC-News-World

Many of us were told we had doppelgängerA stranger who looks just like us.

But imagine being able to create your own twins Absolutely digital life.

We live in an age where everything in the real world is digitally reflected: our cities, our cars, our homes and even ourselves.

And just like the most exciting metawares – a virtual, digital world where there will be an incarnation of you – digital duos have become a new technological trend.

And Digital dual It’s a perfect replica of something in the world of physics, but with the same task: helping to improve or comment on the real life version.

Initially, these twins were only sophisticated 3D computer models.

But Artificial Intelligence (AI), combined with the Internet of Things, which uses sensors to connect physical components to a network, now means you can create anything digitally. Continuing learning and helping to improve his true co.

Technical analyst Rob Enderley hopes that by the end of the decade we will have the first versions of the thinking of the human digital twins.

Rob Enderley says there are protocols to explore when developing human digital twins.

“Its appearance will require more thought and ethical consideration because a copy of a thought about us would be incredibly helpful to employers,” he says.

“What if the company you work for creates a digital duo among you and says, ‘Hey, you have these unpaid digital duos, why are we still hiring you?’

Enderley hopes the ownership of such digital duos will become one of the defining issues of the upcoming metawares era.

Reminiscent of science fiction

In the form of the incarnations mentioned above, we have already begun the journey towards human twins, but they are now clumsy and primitive.

For example, Meta’s (formerly Facebook) virtual reality site, Horizon WorldsYou can give your avatar a face like yours, but technology is in its infancy so you can’t even give it legs.

Sandra Walter, a senior AI researcher at Oxford University, understands the appeal of creating digital twin humans: “It’s reminiscent of fantastic science fiction novels, and it’s at its present stage.”

Wachter argues that digital human twins are still science fiction at this point.
Wachter argues that digital human twins are still science fiction at this point.

He adds that “whether one succeeds in law school, falls ill or commits a crime depends on the ‘question of nature and upbringing’ being debated.”

“It depends on good luck and misfortune, friends, family, your environment and socio-economic background and, of course, your personal preferences,” he says.

However, he explains that AI is not yet good at predicting these “unique social events by their inherent complexity”.

“Therefore, we have to go a long way until we understand a person’s life from beginning to end and consider it always possible.”

Current applications

Instead, the use of digital duos in the fields of product design, distribution and urban planning is now more sophisticated and comprehensive.

In Formula 1 racing, McLaren and Red Bull teams use the digital twins of their race cars.

Meanwhile, the postal company DHL is developing a digital map of its warehouse and distribution chains and making it work better.

McLaren has the digital dual of its latest car, which helped build it.
McLaren has the digital dual of its latest car, which helped build it.

And every time Our cities are reflected in the digital world; Shanghai and Singapore have digital twins that help improve the design and function of buildings, transportation systems and streets.

In Singapore, one of the tasks of its digital twin is to help people find new ways to get around and avoid polluted areas. Other sites use technology to suggest where to build new infrastructure such as tunnels.

New cities are being built in the Middle East simultaneously in the real and digital worlds.

Dassault Systems, a French software company, says it is looking at the interest of thousands of companies for its digital dual technology.

So far, more than endless real-life prototypes, a hair care company involves the use of digital doubles to design standard shampoo bottles digitally. Thus reducing waste.

Shanghai officials have the city’s digital twin, which they use as a model for its future growth.
Shanghai officials have the city’s digital twin, which they use as a model for its future growth.

It allows other companies to design new projects for the future, from jetpacks to hover-wheel motorcycles and flying cars.

Each has a physical prototype, but the refinement of that initial model takes place in the digital space.

Improve health

But the real value found in digital twins lies in health care.

Dassault Systèmes’ Living Heart project has developed an accurate virtual model of the human heart that can be tested and analyzed, allowing surgeons to pursue what-if-if-if-if scenes using a variety of medical procedures and devices.

The project was founded by Steve Levine, who had personal reasons for wanting to create digital twins. His daughter was born with congenital heart disease, and some time ago, when she was in her early 20s and at high risk for heart failure, she decided to recreate her heart in virtual reality.

Boston Children’s Hospital is now using this technology to map patients’ true heart status, while at Great Armond Street Hospital in London, a team of engineers is working with physicians to help and treat children with rare heart problems.

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