February 4, 2023

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Assault on Guayaquil | Comforter Christ | Guillermo Lasso declares state of emergency after attack kills 5 in Ecuador | the world

An explosion attributed to organized crime Five people died this Sunday and forced President Guillermo Lasso to declare a state of emergency in the coastal city of Guayaquil, which has been hit hard by drug-related crimes.

“I’ve said it condition of Exception A Guayaquil city due to crime incidents in recent hours. The entire general force will be available to re-establish control of the city”The President said on Twitter.

Meera: The Ecuadorian government will offer a reward for information about the “terrorist” outbreak

LassoInaugurated a year ago, he warned: “We will not allow organized crime to run the country”, leaving narco horrors on the streets with decapitated bodies on bridges in the style of Mexican cartels.

The condition of Exception The ban will come into effect this Sunday and last for 30 days in the port of 2.8 million people in the southwest of the country, the National Secretary for Public Safety and conditionDiego Ordonez.

In April, Lasso Notified for 60 days condition of Exception In the provinces of Esmeraldas, Manabí and Guayas, with its capital Guayaquil, A Because of the violence associated with drug trafficking.

The exploded Interior Minister Patricio Carrillo told a press conference that what happened early this Sunday in the popular Cristo del Consuelo neighborhood killed 5 identified people and had no criminal record.

The blast injured 17 people, some of whom were with pioneers, the official said. “Many of them, if not the majority, have taken refuge in silence, unwilling to contribute to the investigation”. Indian.

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Earlier, officials reported 20 Members with injuries.

According to local media in Ecuador’s southern Guayaquil, electrical workers were repairing public power cables near the blast site, destroying several homes and vehicles, injuring and killing several others. / REUTERS/Vicente Gaibor del Pino

Declaration of war

After learning of the incident, Carrillo took to Twitter exploded Era “A declaration of war condition And that’s the reason A “Organized Crime Mercenaries”.

“Either we unite to face it (organized crime) or the cost to society will be even higher.”The minister tweeted.

The investigation revealed that two men on a motorcycle had come to the neighborhood and “planted a sack” near a restaurant, before a “high-powered explosive device was found,” said General Victor Jared, commander of the armed forces. The press belongs to Zone 8, Guayaquil.

Eight houses, four vehicles and one motorcycle were damaged in the blast. Houses lost their walls and could see inside.

Power lines were downed in the streets and on cars, and a trail of blood was seen on the trunk door of one vehicle.

The government has announced a $10,000 reward for information on the case.

Once calm Ecuador, located between Colombia and Peru, the world’s largest producer of cocaine, is facing an increase in violence linked to drug trafficking. Last year, the country of 18 million people was locked in a rate of 14 murders per 100,000. MembersAlmost twice as much as in 2020.

Clashes have stretched to seven massacres in prisons since February 2021 with 400 dead inmates. Officials believe these are clashes between gangs linked to drug trafficking.

A recent report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) published in June notes that Ecuador 6.5% of all cocaine seized in the world in 2020.

In 2021, Ecuador 210 tonnes of drugs were seized, most of which was cocaine. In the first half of this year, catches have crossed 100 tonnes.