June 3, 2023

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Austria: A man continues to mummy his 80-year-old mother to get state aid

The body of an elderly woman who had been dead for more than a year was mummified in a tunnel by her son, who wanted to continue her social benefits, and was found in a tiro. AustriaThe state police said Thursday.

“Investigations revealed that the 89 – year – old woman died in June 2020, and the 66 – year – old man continued to benefit from his body,” the security forces said in a statement.

The suspect lived with his mother near Innbrook (Austria), He admitted that he froze the body to make sure it did not smell like death and then absorbed the body fluids with bandages.

“Then he covered the body with cat litter and finally the body was mummified,” he explained to the public television network. ORF Agent Helmut Kaffler, head of the police force that specializes in fraud in social interests.

Details of the invention

When his brother went to the house and asked him about the mother who had suffered from dementia before he died and who had given birth to someone other than her children, the suspect replied that he had been admitted to the hospital.

Assistance was obtained by postal check and when a new postman asked to see the beneficiary, his son refused. This made him suspicious and he declared the facts.

They last found Mom last Saturday. The suspect was charged with embezzling state aid and concealing a corpse.


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