June 3, 2023

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Austria offers jobs for adults with a salary of up to US $ 4,000: requirements and how to apply

He works in Austria and earns up to $ 4,000. (Photo: Capture)

When we talk about Austria, we are reminded of the memorable landscapes that adorn the European country. Dreamy mountains, valleys and fields reflect the majestic landscape. And This is your chance to survive and To work Earns up to US $ 4,000 there.

It is located in the rankings The most stable economies in Europe and the world, Per capita GDP on its continent is outstanding. it is a Very low crime rate, Being one of the safest countries in the world.

Using the Estimates of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimates, the adequate employment rate in a country is 68%. Austria surpasses this number 72% of 15- to 64-year-olds work with pay. Known as 76% of men and 68% of women are in a job that gives them all the benefits. Only 7% of workers exceed established working hours.

The level of education in this country is very high, 85% of adults between the ages of 25 and 64 are able to complete higher education. This figure is higher than what the OECD estimates to be the best, at 79%.

What professionals are looking for?

The jobs offered by Austria are extensive and range from university professionals, technicians and business professionals.

As described by the Austrian government through the portal Industry Jobs are offered in places where there is pay in between US $ 2,000 and US $ 4,400 on average.

The required industries are connected with the knowledge of new technologies and computer systems. You can find job opportunities for engineers with degrees in technology, electronics, software, and applications; Computer, network, database and hardware technicians; Options are also enabled for technical managers, computer analysts, programmers, database developers and security professionals.

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The nursing profession and the skilled labor of masons, painters, carpenters, locomotive drivers and concrete builders are the last.

Salary is mentioned on the page and varies according to the profession; However, it is higher than the Peruvian market.

How do I apply if I am in Peru?

You must enter to apply Page Carrie is here. This site is completely safe because it is widely used in that country. You have to filter the country you are applying for, in this case Austria. All options will come out and you can apply for one that goes a long way with your knowledge, study, experience and skills.

If you are in Peru and want to work in any one position, You must apply to be accepted as a permanent resident by applying for a red, white and red card. This card lasts for 24 months and allows you to live in Austria.

The cost of the application (you must fill out) is $ 200. You need to take into account that you can only work in the job you are applying for. That is the condition.

Remember to get red, white and red card You need to meet certain requirements, The following.

– Certification of courses

– Certificate of employment

– Take German courses

– Manage English at startup (A1 and A2).

In addition, You must prove to be a highly qualified professional at the time of application, Be the founder of a start-up, work in a deficient industry or work independently, but with an income equal to or greater than $ 1,000 if you are single and $ 1,500 if you are married

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What is a red, white and red card

Apply to red, white and red card; Permanent migration permits are known Austria. This card is valid for 24 months and costs less than US $ 200, and the immigrant can only work for the company that hired him at the time of requesting the immigration permit.

If you are one of the following, you may receive a red-white-red card under certain conditions:

– High qualification

– Specialists in scarce industries

– Other key workers

– Graduates from the University of Austria

– Major self-employed workers

– Founders of start-up companies

50 points can be earned on qualifying criteria including qualifications, relevant work experience and language proficiency. You can earn bonus points with proof of additional investment of at least 50,000 EUR (55,300 USD). You can earn points by being a part of the Business Incubator or by getting money from an Austrian startup funding agency. Those under 35 will also receive points.

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