July 6, 2022

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Austria offers jobs to foreigners, including adults, with a salary of up to US $ 4,000: what job are they looking for and how to apply? | The world

An excellent public transport system, a strong economy that empowers small and medium businesses, a very low crime rate and a guaranteed status every year in the richest countries in Europe. In addition, its capital Vienna was selected as the best city in the world a few years ago. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use , A country currently looking for foreign workers, including adults.

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The Austrian Ministry of Labor has issued a series of calls through the portal , Targeting professionals from around the world and their average salary varies between US $ 2,000 and US $ 4,400.

Next, we explain the requirements for immigration The key industries they are looking for Austria.

The most requested

Despite the unemployment rate in the country being 5.7% by 2020, , On Austria They did not stop looking for qualified experts to help the country grow.

Businesses that focus on new technologies and computing are highly preferred.

This way, you can find a large number of offers for positions such as Electronics, Software or Applications Engineers; Computer, network, database or hardware technicians; Systems Analysts, Programmers, Nurses and many more.

However, applications for various trades such as Painters, bricklayers, carpenters or builders.

Pay will vary depending on the task And the city where the site is listed, but to give you an idea, a carpenter gets paid $ 2,400, an engineer at least $ 3,000, and a developer is paid $ 4,400 a month.

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What do they ask for immigration

The requirements for accessing these interesting proposals are mainly focused on the professional specialization of the applicants, while the procedures seem to be considerably simplified.

In the case Peruvian, Can apply to red, white and red card; Permanent migration permits are known Austria. This card is valid for 24 months and costs less than US $ 200, and the immigrant can only work for the company that hired him at the time of requesting the immigration permit.

The red, white and red card presents the requirements for highly qualified professionals, skilled workers, graduates of Austrian universities, to set up a start-up company in their own country or to be self-employed. Certificate proving their work experience, elementary courses in German and basic courses in English.

According to the criteria

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