March 29, 2023

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Autonomous: Diro Antonio Asuka compares to the fall of Pablo Escobar, the powerful drug smuggler captured in Colombia | The world

Chairman , Had two prices: the US government paid $ 5 million for information that caught him, and the Colombian government, about US $ 800,000.

Despite this, the move to detain Colombia’s most coveted drug lord, the leader of a powerful Gulf clan, came to an end this Saturday after nearly a decade of intense search.

Identity: Colombia controls Gulf clan by capturing ‘Otoniel’, most coveted drug dealer

Ottoniel, 50, was detained in the municipality of Nicocle in northwestern Colombia. A joint operation in which more than 300 players participated The Army, Air Force and National Police were evacuated in more than twenty helicopters.

“This is the hardest blow given to drug trafficking in our country in this century. This blow is comparable to the fall of Pablo Escobar In the 90s, Colombian President Evan Duke celebrated the news.

Escobar, the famous leader of Madeleine Cardinal, despite being the world’s most famous drug lord, does not seem to have exaggerated the Duke’s comparison, at least from the point of view of the Colombian government’s attempt to seize power.

In 2015, Colombian authorities launched an operation to seize Otonyla, which involved about 1,200 troops from the country’s best-prepared elite groups, more than 500 who were watching Escobar at the time.

A major security measure was required to capture Otonyl. (Reuters)

“Alias The most feared drug trafficker in the autonomous worldThe killer of guards, soldiers, community leaders, juvenile recruiters, ”Duke said.

According to Glan del Colbo, Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano said this Saturday has become the “biggest threat” in recent years because “Colombia managed and exposed large quantities of tons of coca shipped to markets in the US and Europe”.

According to the Colombian press, there is a red circular issued against Interpol for crimes such as murder, multiple kidnappings and conspiracy to commit a crime. In addition, it is subject to more than 120 judicial proceedings for all types of offenses.

History of Violence

The life of Ottoniel is seen as an accumulation of geographical layers from the history of violence in Colombia in recent decades.

He was born in Antigua in the early 70s and at the age of 16 he joined the Popular Liberation Army (EPL) guerrilla movement where he became inactive with his brother.

Then his brother Juan de Dioscuca David, “Giovanni”, Joined FARC Then, like a 180 degree twist, To the paramilitary forces of the Colombian United Self-Defense Forces.

The group was mobilized (laid down arms) in 2005, but the brothers joined the ranks of Daniel Randon Herrera, the drug lord known as “Don Mario”.

The capture of Don Mario left the David brothers, who were the leaders of the Clan del Golfo.  (Getty Images)
The capture of Don Mario left the David brothers, who were the leaders of the Clan del Golfo. (Getty Images)

When he was arrested in 2009, Ottoniel and Giovanni were in charge of the organization.

Autonomy He became the best leader when his brother was killed by the National Police During the year-end January 1, 2012 attack on the “Narco-Party”.

From family to cartel

Considered a great cartel, the Gulf Clan It was originally called Urabeños, after the Urabá area in which it operated, although its tents were extended to most of the country and beyond (group members occupied Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Spain and Honduras).

At its center is a family clan, the Suka, Belonging not only to Ottoniel and Giovanni, but also to many relatives and other close relatives.

Colombian police distributed leaflets from helicopters asking citizens to help catch the leaders of Clan del Colbo.  (Getty Images)
Colombian police distributed leaflets from helicopters asking citizens to help catch the leaders of Clan del Colbo. (Getty Images)

For example, Francisco Jose Morelo Benata, “El Negro Charlie” (killed in a police operation in April 2013), was second in the organization after Giovanni’s death, according to police, who had an affair with one of Ottoniel’s sisters.

The person responsible for the finances of the group is the partner of Otonyal., Blanca Xenopia Madrid Benjamia, “La Flacca”, captured in 2015.

Police have identified who was responsible for liaising with Mexican cartels and coordinating drug trafficking to Central America, and Harleyson Asuka, son-in-law of El Negro Charlie Ottoniel, was arrested in 2015 by “Petro Arias”.

Last August, the Colombian government authorized the extradition of El Flacco to the United States by Alexander Montoya Asuka, a relative of Ottoniel, who was captured in Honduras in 2012.

U.S. Department of Justice Gulf Clan “One of the most important transnational organized crime organizationsIt threatens that country.

On the other hand, since the days when they were known as the Urabeños, the Clan del Golfo has been distributing leaflets calling themselves Autodefensas Gaitanistas de Colombia, which the Colombian press considers a ploy to cover up their real intentions.

Permanent evasion

Strong family ties, as well as his firm establishment in an area of ​​Colombia, they know very well, were some of the reasons why it was so difficult for the authorities to capture the Ottomans.

Ottoniel's arrest required the joint participation of various state security forces.  (Reuters)
Ottoniel’s arrest required the joint participation of various state security forces. (Reuters)

Associated with his family’s close relationship with Eurasia.

They are natives of the area, which is well known to the clan members.

They know how to manipulate themselves on their land and have power over their people.

After Giovanni’s death, the clan ordered an armed struggle, which left the area stagnant for a day or two.

But Ottonial also had various tricks to avoid his followers.

Was among them Use trained Creole dogs to warn you when a stranger approaches, Enough time to escape.

The government of Evan Duke compared Otoniel's arrest to that of Pablo Escobar.  (EPA).
The government of Evan Duke compared Otoniel’s arrest to that of Pablo Escobar. (EPA).

In one of those escapes, he had to leave one of those animals, a nice Colombian hound.

Police took him away, gave him the name Otto, trained him and used him in Operation 2015 to search for his ex-boss.

In addition, according to the Colombian press, Autonial Do not use technology devices such as cell phones In order to avoid being tracked, he sent voice messages with his company members distributed on recorders and USB sticks by human emails.

Fear of being caught led him to change the place where he usually spent his nights, usually in the woods and often, in wooden huts.

Those rural homes are completely different from big screen TVs, expensive drinks and fancy perfumes.

Another unique feature of their caves is the expensive special cushions that help ease the discomfort of the herniated disc.

Now that he is in custody, it is unclear whether he can force the authorities to allow him to sleep on such a mattress in prison.


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