December 4, 2022

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Avianca | “The Writers’ Cursed Flight”: The Story of a Plane That Predicted a Tragic End by a Passenger | Colombia | Spain | Madrid | EC stories | The world

Company 38 years ago It was experiencing one of the worst aviation disasters in its history. The cold has already begun to occupy the European continent and the low temperatures in Madrid are felt even more strongly in the suburbs of the capital, where the legendary Barajas Airport is located, with a high percentage of traffic passing through arrivals and stops. From Latin America to Europe.

In 1983, especially on November 27, a Colombian corporate plane covered this length. Frankfurt Up to Bogota, With steps Paris, Madrid and Caracas. There, mostly Colombian travelers traveled, although the Spaniards, Italians, French and Swedes also distinguished themselves.

Like any route parked in different cities, the idea of ​​the AV-011 aircraft, as its name implies, should end up carrying all the passengers. Madrid To go like this Latin America. In fact, there were writers and scholars who went there Colombia Attend a tribute to 27 generations of Spanish literature.

The day before the tragedy, the plane Aviyanka I canceled the trip Frankfurt A Paris And those who planned to board that plane did it on a ship instead Lufthansa. This change caused a delay of 1 hour and 20 minutes in the departure of the Colombian Airlines device from the airport. Charles de Gaulle Towards Madrid.

Sad scene left in the suburbs of Madrid. (Courtesy

Dangerous stretching

It was a Sunday morning and the flight from the French capital was already flying over Madrid. The pilots’ mistake, then revealed by the black box, created the tragic impact of Flight 011 on the ground, and everything went on completely normally until the death of 181 people.

On November 27 the clock read 1:06 Domain updated, A city located east of the metropolitan area Madrid, Heard a loud crash, not more or less than the impact of the plane with the ground.

According to later reports, this all happened Due to the chain of errors that started with the pilot’s negligence, the attitude to the captain did not indicate the height exactly, at which point they went down to face the runway.

Barajas The plane was 6.5 miles from the crash site. Before it ends up collapsing into parts on the ground, Aviyanka The pilot flew below the minimum intercept height and crashed into two hills as he landed the landing gear prematurely.

Remains of the Avianca plane at the Majorata del Campo.  (Courtesy
Remains of the Avianca plane at the Majorata del Campo. (Courtesy

The official version pointed out the pilot, Tulio Fernandez Mora, With the following words: “Commander of the accident, Without an accurate knowledge of his condition, he began to intercept ILS (Instrumental Landing System Or called the beam of electronic signals Indicate the path to be followed for the planes to land) with the wrong path, Without launching the published tool approach maneuver, down to all the security edges of the area, until it hits the ground ”.

The commander was flying almost 300 meters below what he was supposed to be and ignored the warning given to him by the aircraft’s systems. “Landscape, landscape, pull up!”, They said, meaning in Spanish: “Landscape, landscape, go up!”.

Horror scene

That night, Domain updated In the midst of the cold and darkness it turned into a horror scene where attempts were made to rescue and identify the victims of the accident. Fortunately, Eleven people survived as the plane melted away from the front of the plane and opened one of the emergency exits.

According to a history CountryThe cranes, which weighed 50 tons, tried to move the trunk to rescue those inside, but when they tried to lift it, it cracked. The turmoil created by this tragedy – which turned out to be the second worst air disaster in Madrid history – Rescue operations were also complicated.

“The horrible combination of the smell of petrol and burnt meat was no brighter than the Civil Guard Land Rover’s headlights, which only had to identify some Coca Cola flags with the text. The spark of life”, Then the newspaper photographer recalled David Aguilar, Unaware of the incident, boarded a taxi and drove to the scene with his camera.

On that plane Aviyanka Who was going Colombia Prominent figures of Hispanic American culture traveled. Among them were teachers Marta Tropa from Argentina, Jorge Iberguengidia from Mexico, Manuel Scorsa from Peru, Angel Rama from Uruguay and Rosa Sabeter, a Catalan pianist..

Cover of El Timbo newspaper to report on the tragedy.  (Courtesy
Cover of El Timbo newspaper to report on the tragedy. (Courtesy

It is very interesting that some of them took their works unpublished. Ibargüengoitia, for example, did not drop a copy of his latest book on the ground and burned it with him. Peel He also traveled with his writing, but it seemed to him that there should be another draft at home.

The Argentine writer is lucky enough to screen his latest novel Anywhere Earlier than the newspaper Country Rated as “The Cursed Plane of Writers”. There, at the end of the book, he talks about a deported man boarding a plane to return to Latin America, and in his final paragraph he says: “The plane moved and returned. A loud thunderclap began (…). Louise threw his head back, closed his eyes, passed the pain and kept on shedding tears until he fell asleep.”.


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