June 3, 2023

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Bernie Sanders talks about the struggles in Cuba

Former Presidential Candidate and Senator Democratic Party Of United States, Bernie Sanders, Expressed his concern over the ongoing protests against the Communist-led Cuban government this weekend Miguel Diaz-Colonel. Sanders called on Cuban authorities Suppress protests and do not respect rights Opponents, but at the same time, Condemned the trade blockade maintained by the United States Against the island since 1962.

“All people have the right to protest and to live in a democratic society. I urge the Cuban government to respect the rights of the opposition and to refrain from violence. It is time to end the unilateral ban United States As for Cuba, it only harmed the Cuban people, not helpedSanders said on his Twitter account, enSenSanders.

Cuban citizens marched through the cities of Holguin this weekend San Antonio de los Banos, Southwest Havana, In an unprecedented way Resistance It started against the government last Sunday Cuba.

“Home and Life” in particular, the title of a controversial song, but “Down with Dictatorship!” And “We are not afraid”, protesters rallied with the aim of calling for economic and political change on the island.

First International spread of Corona virus By March 2020, Cubans will be forced to create long lines to store food, which has been exacerbated by a severe shortage of drugs, which has created widespread social unrest.

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