November 27, 2022

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Bill Gates | After the Corona virus, the founder of Microsoft made a prediction about a new infection | கோவிட் -19 | The world

“I did a positive test . I’m experiencing mild symptoms and will follow the advice of experts to isolate myself until I’m healthy again. ” On his Twitter account on May 10th. Since then, he has been recovering positively, as pointed out at the global Govt-19 summit, of which he has been a part of online communication. There he stressed the importance of vaccinating against the corona virus and warned of the coming of the next epidemic.

Mira: “The worst Govt-19 has not come yet,” promises Bill Gates.

From the irritation of Corona virus, The entrepreneur devoted himself to disseminating information about the epidemic and highlighting the care to be taken into account. Then when Scientific progress came, and he showed himself to be a faithful defender of the vaccineThat’s why his infection, he said, had mild symptoms.

“I was lucky to be vaccinated and get a booster There is also access to tests And medical insurance, Reveals Gates Conversation with the Global Govt-19 Summit, the second meeting of experts held in the United States. In addition, He pointed out that vaccines prevent the disease from developing seriously And death; However, he insisted that there should be an update on them. “We need vaccines to prevent re-infection and last for many years.” Promised.

Bill Gates announced on social media that he has a corona virus (Twitter seizure).

There, he called for the creation of a global team to take action against threats to the emergence of new diseases, such as this virus, which have transformed human lives and led to an epidemic. To start this path, he donated $ 125 million Used to create tools for people with disabilities in the health system.

In this way, Founder of MicrosoftBased on the scientific research he approached, it indicates that he was very involved in this matter and issued a warning about the new situation facing mankind. “We have another epidemic in the future. It’s a different pathology next time. “Revealed weeks ago in a conversation with the channel CNBCTherefore, it places more emphasis on the technological advances that can be made to prepare for it.

The new wave of corona virus in the world

More corona virus cases after two years and New species that have increased the number of deaths from this virus, The arrival of a new default began to visualize, in which routine operations were resumed. However, an increase in infections has been detected worldwide in recent weeks.

In the last days, The United States has reported 438 new deaths and 53,345 coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In this way, as happened in 2020 and 2021, this country is again the biggest source of global epidemic, which has caused great concern.

As for Argentina, Health Minister Carla Vicotti has promised that cases will increase in the national territory. “Today we are launching the fourth wave of Govt-19, which sees us in a completely different situation.”, Revealed at the Federal Health Council (COFESA), and noted that further vaccination and health measures could positively affect this new panorama. In the last week 33,989 new infections have been reported.

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