March 25, 2023

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Bill Gates at Omigran: “We Can Enter the Worst Part Of The Infection” | Corona virus Govt-19 | The world

The The rapid spread is keeping the whole world on alert. It is already the dominant variant in the world and early studies indicate that it appears to be highly resistant to currently available vaccines.

In this uncertain environment, the philanthropist He posted a series of messages on his Twitter account urging people to be extra vigilant.

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“When life seems to return to normal, we can enter the worst part of the epidemic. Omigron will play at home. I have this with my close friends and I have canceled most of my vacation plans ”, Wrote.

Co-founder of Microsoft Noted that Omigron is spreading fast Than any other virus and what Soon it will be in all countries of the world. However, the big thing is that he does not know how and when he got sick.

“We have to take it seriously until we know more about it, even if it’s halfway through the delta, Which would be the worst increase we have ever seen Because it is so contagious “, Warning Bill Gates.

The businessman called us to take care of each other and protect the most vulnerable. To do this, ask them to wear a mask, avoid large crowds and, above all, get vaccinated or vaccinated. Booster vaccine soon.

bill Gates Recognizes that every time there is Most cases of vaccinated and infected with Govt-19But he points out that vaccines are designed to prevent people from becoming seriously ill or dying, and so far they have served their purpose.

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Despite the panorama, it does not change your mind The epidemic will end in 2022. “It simply came to our notice then Omigron It moves so fast that once it dominates a country, the wave will last less than 3 months. Those few months may be bad, but I still hope that if we take the right steps, the epidemic may end in 2022. Holds.

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Communities will continue to see explosions, but reflect that there will be too New drugs And the level of risk will eventually go down.

In a year or two, the Govit-19 It may not be so important when deciding whether to work from the office, let the kids go to a football game or watch a movie in the theater.

“I know it’s frustrating to go to another Christmas season COVID-19 Threatens us. But this will not be the case forever. One day the epidemic will end And the sooner we take care of ourselves, the sooner that moment will come. “, Writes.

What is not there to end the epidemic?

Rich countries are looking after their own interests, but making no real effort to coordinate the global response. bill Gates He noted that all governments need to appoint a global leader for the Govt-19 emergency and that leaders meet regularly.

bill Gates He shared on his blog that the next 18 months should not be like the last 18 months. Donating vaccines to countries that do not have adequate resources is now a challenge for high-income countries. Countries that already have vaccines reject false news and encourage people to use it.


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