May 29, 2023

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Bill Gates on future epidemic: “We will not be lucky next time” Corona virus | கோவிட் -19 | The world

This is already the norm for entrepreneurs and philanthropists The evolution of the epidemic of will be discussed , He always responded that the possibility of other viruses and similar dangers being created in humans – that it is highly possible – and the means by which we can bet on the proper combat of these kinds of affections.

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On this occasion, Time magazine interviewed him about how the world was dealing with this crisis Corona virus And he made his point very clearly: we could have done better.

Humanity is not ready for an epidemic

One of his most specific comments about International spread Lack of investment in disease monitoring, vaccine preparation and best drugs. Mankind may have been saved The health crisis, and with it the economic crisis, if he had invested more time and resources in health before the virus appeared.

We focused on the system, and were lucky enough to have some tools working”, He promised Gates.

The philanthropist believes that rich countries need to invest in new tools to combat epidemics. The loss of millions of lives and billions of dollars has opened the eyes of world authorities, who do not want to improve the health of the world’s population: “Now we are investing in diagnoses, treatments, but especially vaccines, which can be incredibly effective before the next infection.”.

Lack of leadership from the United States in the early days

In addition, in the early days of the Govt epidemic he criticized the lack of leadership in his own country: “This is an unusual problem in which the United States did not initially assume leadership. It left a void. Kovacs was formed in part due to the lack of American leadership.”.

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates speaks at the Economic Club of Washington’s Summer Lunch (NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP) on June 24, 2019 in Washington DC.

At this year’s meeting of the Grand Challenges organization, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – owned by the Chancellor – pledged $ 50 million (approximately 200,000 million Colombian pesos) to support the work of already low-income countries and middle class scientists. Research on health issues.

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In addition, he is one of Kovacs’ best donors.

Accordingly Gates, The only disease that has made antiviral drugs better is HIV. In contrast, it has largely failed in terms of the development of drugs to fight the flu and other viral infections.

He firmly believes that the human race must learn a lesson from the crisis. We are vulnerable. We need to realize this and take concrete steps to address it.

Your wake-up call regarding inequality

As a result of the interview and with the intention of leaving a convincing lesson, he recalled that the loss of billions of dollars due to the lack of preparation for the epidemic taught mankind the importance of investing in health, which is why he believes it. The chances of a recurrence of a serious health crisis like the current one are very slim.

This is an incredible bargain, but it will allow us to focus on global health where inequality is at its most dramatic level. To this day, no matter how much progress we have made, having the tools to eradicate malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV is a luxury.”, He concluded.


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