May 30, 2023

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Bob and Sue Walker | Corona virus in the United States: they have been married for 44 years and died of covid-19 disease two days apart in Phoenix, Arizona | Description | Stories | The world

Bob and Sue Walker have been married for over 44 years. They lived in Phoenix, Arizona, and a few days before Thanksgiving they tested positive . No one has been vaccinated.

Accordingly , Case Test Corona virus When they receive COPD and treatment at the hospital Pop The home was tested when his wife tested positive.

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A few days later they died at a local hospital Phoenix: Sue passed away on November 30th and Bob on December 2nd.

“They’re really, really a couple, you know. I mean, nothing can come between them.His daughter Stephanie Walker, 40, told CNN. “Unfortunately, Kovit took both of them 46 hours apart.”

“It happened so fast.”Stephanie’s twin sister, Carissa Walker, told CNN.

The couple was not vaccinated because they had health problems Corona virus. Recently Bob had his leg amputated due to complications from diabetes And according to his son Jonathan, suffered from a kidney problem. Suku had COPD, Which can cause airway obstruction and respiratory problems.

Jonathan said his father was in the ICU and needed to be placed on a ventilator. He also said Case He seemed to be recovering, and he could move, and he had ordered Taco Bell because he was hungry.

The brothers said they arranged a facetime call with the whole family so their parents could see how they were.

Case She was stunned when she saw how he was PopSaid Jonathan.

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“She woke up and said, ‘Dude, you’ll be fine. Dude, you’m going home for Christmas.Jonathan told CNN. “I think my mother was heartbroken at the time. “

A day later, Zhu’s health deteriorated rapidly and he died.

“My dad can’t be without her either.”, Stephanie told the AZ family.

“My parents loved each other. There is no question about that.Jonathan told CNN. “They were true to their vows until death divided us.”.

“I hope I have a love like theirs”, Karisa said.

The siblings received the ashes of their parents a few days before Christmas and are still adjusting to life without them.

“He’s our hero. ‘Dad, I’ll have a flat tire,’ ‘he’s the person we always call’ I need an oil change, ‘and he’s always been there,” Stephanie told the AZ family.

The trio now hope that others will take the virus seriously and learn from their testing.

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