March 25, 2023

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Bolivia to send 20 tons of humanitarian aid, food and survival supplies to Cuba | The world

The Bolivian government will donate 20 tons of life-saving supplies, food and syringes As an act of “solidarity with the economic siege.” It is difficult for him ”to access these items.

Presidential Cabinet Minister Maria Nela Prada said the Cabinet had approved the Supreme Court order authorizing the shipment of these goods in “mutual, completeness and unity” between the two countries.

“From the Blu-ray state of Bolivia, we raise the voices of sovereignty, sovereignty, opposition and solidarity with the Cuban revolution,” Prada said.

Thus, a Hercules flight will depart on Friday It carries 2.5 tons of disposable syringes, 16.5 tons of food and a ton of life-saving supplies to Cuba, Prada said.

“We are organizing other ships with the workers, farmers and Native organizations that have joined this campaign against the siege of love for life and death,” the minister said.

For his part, President Louis Ars in Peru wrote on his social media that Cuba is “not only facing the consequences of the epidemic, but also the brutal economic and trade blockade imposed by the United States.” Health and nutrition of the Cuban people.

“Cuba has taught us to share what you have with those who need it the most,” Ars wrote on his social media network.

Cuba is facing a severe social crisis as its economy continues to rely on aid from countries that support the communist regime in Havana, not now due to the epidemic of tourism And the money of Cuban immigrants living in the United States and banned by former President Donald Trump.

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Defenders of the Cuban regime, however, blame their crisis on US trade sanctions, not the economic system imposed by the communist dictatorship.

Poor Cuban people staged massive protests about three weeks ago, which were severely repressed by the communist regime.

“Stop blocking”

Bolivia’s presidential minister recalled that at this year’s United Nations, 184 countries called for an “end to the siege” against Cuba, and only two voted against.

“With the siege we will continue to demand from all corners,” Prada underlined.

On July 14, Bolivian social organizations and several former ministers of former President Evo Morales marched on the multi-colored Wifala symbol of the tribal people and called for popular support for Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Kenel. Freedom.

At the time, the march reached the US embassy demanding an end to the “economic siege” against Cuba.