March 25, 2023

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Bonus 600 for Hogares de la Patria: When can I receive the benefit in Venezuela? | Answers

In VenezuelaThrough the Patria system, grants from Govt Nicolás Maduro They are designed for thousands of Venezuelan citizens. A few weeks ago, a video went viral on social media talking about the alleged new delivery 600 bonus Also known as Hogares de la Patria or “Economic Reconversion”. This bonus seeks to support vulnerable people, although there is not much information about the said benefit so far.

What do you know about Hogares de la Patria paying the bond of 600?

By WhatsApp leaked a video in which Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro hinted that the government would give 10 million people registered through the Patria system an “economic rehabilitation bond,” or Hocares de la Patria, known as Bono 600. As for the payment, it will be 600 bolivars, which is 26.82 dollars according to the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).

600 bonus in 2023 when paid?

Apparently, the video has been out of date since delivery Bono de 600 para Hogares de la Patria, or Economic Reconversion, was announced by Nicolás Maduro on August 17, 2018, when the regime undertook an economic restructuring: it removed five zeros from the currency and called it the “sovereign bolivar”.

Likewise, at that time, the benefit was distributed through the Patria system from August 20, by scanning the Carnet de la Patria in the VeQR application.

What are the bonds issued in January in Venezuela?

The benefits provided to the public till January 2023 are:

  • Great Mission Hogares de la Patria Bonus (which varies from 54 bolivars to 162 bolivars according to the number of members)
  • Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez Bonus (81 bolivars)
  • Humane delivery bonus (108 bolivars)
  • Breastfeeding voucher (108 bolivars)
  • Family Economic Bonus (54 bolivars)
  • 100% school attendance bonus (54 bolivars and Bs, 43.20 for each registered boy and girl of school age)
  • Reyes Bonus (72 bolivars)
  • Bond against economic warfare (405 or 580 bolivars).
  • Accumulated Population Bonus (72 bolivars)
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Against the economic war, it should be noted that there were special bonuses in January such as high school scholarships, Great Samba youth work, university scholarships, We Venezuela.