November 27, 2022

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Bored and started embroidering and now earns thousands of dollars a day at just 19 | Mickey Crompton | Cambridge | Stories | TikTok | Trends | USA | Nnda nnrt | Stories

A 19-year-old woman used forced isolation , As a result of spreading , To discover her true interest: embroidery. He quit his job at a supermarket and uses social media to promote his bag designs, earning thousands of dollars so far.

Maisie Crompton lives in Cambridge, England, where she works one day a week He started doing embroidery as a hobby to not get bored in Lockdown. However, the Daily Mail reported that after posting his learning process on Dictok he noticed that others were interested in the designs he had created.

Started his career as She bought items on Amazon for $ 34 that her grandmother lent her. Weeks later, he earns $ 16,000 a day on his own website, where he offers personalized bags and his own designs.

“At first Lockdown I was working in a supermarket so they considered me a key worker and I was very bored in my spare time. I had an idea to start embroidering ”, Commented.

“I started a series on DicTok, where I shared my idea with everyone and it turned out better than I expected. I documented the process from getting the idea, creating the ideas to getting the materials to launch the website. Everything.”, He added.

“I bought needles, embroidery hoops, embroidery floss and dot bags all for $ 34 on Amazon. This came naturally to me when I started. And I’m a perfectionist, and if I can not do it, I will work as hard as I can. “.

“I (their website) made 13 sales on the day it started. I was so happy, I was buzzing. We’ve made about $ 5,500 a month, and I’m never seen money like this. “. After the huge success of his brand , Maisie said she is now saving to buy her own home.

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What is Embroidery?

According to , Embroidery is an art of decorating with textile threads. The definition associated with the adjective is the participle of the verb to embroider, and embroidery is defined as the embellishment of a fabric or skin with embroidery.

What are the fabrics that can be embroidered?

Always use natural fabrics (with cotton, linen, hemp, etc.). Cotton canvas is a good place to start. It is an excellent fabric, regular weave and very cheap, easy to find in any fabric store. Keep in mind that washing shrinks, so please wash the cloth before wearing it .