December 4, 2022

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“Boris Johnson has broken the rules by lying. This is how he will be remembered” | United Kingdom | Great Britain | the world

Still head of government He who is shown to have more than seven lives, has said in every way . However, his luck would show.

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An avalanche of ministers resigning from the cabinet in recent days has put it back on the edge of the abyss after it survived a no-confidence motion a month ago.

We talked about the uncertainty over Johnson Javier Carbonell, Associate Professor of Science Po and PhD Researcher at the University of Edinburgh.

Protests against Boris Johnson have multiplied in recent days as scandals add to his administration. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls / Henry Nicholls

Can Boris Johnson be saved this time?

It’s hard to say because the situation is so uncertain, but if I had to bet, I’d bet it’s not saved. The ordinary convention in these cases, in English words, was that the gentleman should retire, but he said he would not, and that it was not likely that he would be saved, but that it depended on him.

Is that also related to his personality?

The irony is that this crisis in the Conservative Party is a crisis of character for Boris Johnson. Yes, there is inflation and economic crisis situation in the country, but there are no major government problems. Above all, the people and the party were irritated by Johnson’s personality, because he lied so many times, he broke the rules, and he was condemned for it.

It should also be taken into account that many of the ministers who have resigned have done so to become new leaders of the Conservative Party. Why are there so many resignations and many positioning themselves for the post of Prime Minister?

This is the case with the resignations of Rishi Sunak (former economy minister) and Sajid Javid (former health minister) and cabinet entry Nadeem Zahavi’s name is also being considered.

Rishi Sunak was one of the most popular ministers in Boris Johnson's cabinet.  On Monday, he decided to step aside.  Reuters
Rishi Sunak was one of the most popular ministers in Boris Johnson’s cabinet. On Monday, he decided to step aside. Reuters

How does the Conservative Party behave against the British? Ready for labor time?

Precisely, the Labor Party (centre-left) has been more likely to vote since all the Boris Johnson scandals began. It’s not that Labor is doing very well, it’s that the Conservative Party, especially Johnson, is doing very badly in the public eye. Even though everything is so uncertain, elections are unlikely to happen because no Conservative is now interested in a general election because Labor now has an advantage.

Now if a new Prime Minister comes in, we’ll see if the problem is the Conservative Party or indeed Boris Johnson.

How will Boris Johnson be remembered?

Like ‘Brexit’ is a liar. His image will be remembered for two elements: all the scandals he committed for breaking the rules, all the lies and public behavior, which can be said to be very striking; and the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union and thereby agreeing to a hard ‘Brexit’.

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