May 30, 2023

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Bornhub: These are Latin American countries that consume more adult content NNDC | Technology

Each year, the Pornhub Adult Content Page publishes a ranking of global views, content, and search statistics of users who frequently visit to use their videos.

In this 2021, according to the data , To us The site continues to top the list of countries that generate the most views. Three Latin American countries have provided this year’s surprise: Mexico It rose 4 places in the sight rankings to sixth in the top 20.

That too for the first time Colombia and Chile Ranked 17th and 20th, respectively, among the countries with the highest consumption of audiovisual content.

This is the first time that Colombia and Chile have entered the list of countries with the highest consumption of audiovisual content. (Photo: Pornhub)

In this second year of the epidemic COVID-19 Compared to last year, the average length of side visit has dropped by almost half a minute. In this 2021, Netizens interacted for an average of 9 minutes 55 seconds.

According to the page, this reduction in time may be due to the fact that the search algorithm and the well-selected category tags allow the viewer to find their interesting videos very fast.

Philippines It tops the list of countries spending the most time on adult content Bornhub, 11 minutes 31 seconds on average. Japan It is the only country in the top 20 with an increase in viewing time (+12 seconds), the second longest lasting 10 minutes and 3 seconds.

The Philippines tops the list of countries that spend the most adult content on Pornhub.  (Photo: Pornhub)
The Philippines tops the list of countries that spend the most adult content on Pornhub. (Photo: Pornhub)

On the other hand, the portal confirms that Sunday is the most favorite day for users to visit the page, while Friday is generally low traffic.

They say it has a lot to do with the hours people want to watch their videos. Most hours are from 10pm to 1am, but on weekends (because people fall asleep after a while), viewing time changes to morning.

This year, page visitors grew by one year based on average age; He is now 37. Visitors aged 18 to 35 have decreased by 3%, while those aged 35 to 44 have increased by 3%.

In 2021, the female audience grew to 35%, an increase of 5% compared to 2020. In this percentage, countries like the Philippines, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico And in Ukraine more than 40% of women seldom enter the page.

In a study from the University of Denver, 45% of women surveyed said they had seen pornography with their partners and 32% said they had seen it themselves.

“We are moving towards accepting female sexuality and making women feel worthy of pleasure. As a result, women are more open to exploring their sexuality and have less stigma attached to viewing pornography.Writer and sex educator Nicki Davis-Fainblum commented during an interview.

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