February 9, 2023

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Brazil: Lula da Silva remains favorite and Jair Bolsonaro surges ahead in new election polls

Former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva It came first to win the presidential election to be held on October 2 BrazilWith an advantage of 15 percentage points over the incumbent president, Jair BolsonaroAccording to a survey published this Thursday.

According to a survey conducted by Datafolha, a leader of the Left Labor Party (PT) A poll conducted this week found 47% voting intention, unchanged from the last two polls conducted by the same company.

The Brazilian far-right leader, for his part, saw his voter turnout increase by three percentage points, from 29% a month ago to 32% today, narrowing the advantage. Lula 18 to 15 points.

The first voting intention poll released since the official launch of the candidates’ election campaign last Monday did not include names such as vice and digital influence. Andre Janoneswho declared support for Lula.


Compared to the polls at the end of July, they are also politically inexperienced Luciano Bivar and general CARLOS ALBERTO DOS SANTOS CRUZwho have not made their candidacies official, as distinct from senators Soraya Thronique (Uniao Brasil) and ex-Ass Roberto Jeffersonwho appeared at the last minute.

Jefferson, Brazilian Workers Party (PTB), an ally of Bolsonaro, is under house arrest for various crimes related to his leadership of “digital militias” created to attack the judiciary.

Opinion polls confirm polarization in presidential elections, with Lula and Bolsonaro breaking away from other candidates nominated by centrist parties and trying to emerge as alternative parties, but with little potential.

Former governor of Ceará and ex-senator Ciro Gomes, the third most-voted candidate in the presidential election four years ago and nominated by the Democratic Workers Party (PDT), dropped from his 8% voter turnout to 7% in July. %. From now on.

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Senator Simon Debbettproposed Brazilian Democratic Movement The country’s main centrist force (MDB) is in fourth place with the same 2% support as in July.

Lucia Vera, the black candidate of the Left United Socialist Workers Party (PSTU), appears with 1%.

What about other candidates?

Seven other candidates did not meet the 1% support threshold.

In the second round, scheduled for October 30, Lula will win with 54% of the vote compared to 37% for Bolsonaro.

According to data sheetThe poll, which asked 5,744 voters in 281 cities across the country between Tuesday and Thursday of this week, has a margin of over or under two percentage points.

(with information from EFE)