March 25, 2023

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Brazil | Panic: 132 passengers evacuated as flight attendants shouted that the plane was about to explode | Merechan Rondon International Airport | EC stories | The world

Airlines Flight 2751 Early Thursday morning, when its 132-passenger plane had to leave due to an immediate explosion alert, Azul became a real mess.

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Moments of terrorism lived on the track Merechan Rondon International Airport From the Brazilian city Guapa, Mato Grosso in the southwest of the country, the flight carrying all the passengers was abruptly stopped.

At around 2am after the arrest, the crew set off an alarm and instructed passengers to exit the Airbus 320, where the plane was scheduled to land. St. Paul.

People, including children and the elderly The turbines must have been thrown off the ship on emergency slopes while in operation The plane, according to the Brazilian site Metropolitan areas.

Watch a video of the event to see how the passengers panicked, The crowd waves on the sidewalk looking for the nearest exit. Published as RT, The airport suspended its work for more than two hours.

The company, which manages the Aeropuerto Centro Oeste (COA) terminal, said several passengers were injured with mild abrasions during the evacuation. Two women, one of whom was pregnant, were taken to hospitalLocal media reported .

In a statement issued yesterday by the Brazilian airline owned by an American businessman David Neilman (Founder of JetBlue), The Company continues to provide all necessary support to its customers and they regret what happened.

Brazilian airline Azulin 2751 was in danger of exploding due to an electrical leak. (RT).

According to the official explanation, The plane had to stop taking off due to an electrical leak. For this reason, the commander ordered the plane to be evacuated, which is now under maintenance and investigation.

Confused testimonies of travelers

Traveler Juliana Amorim They said that when they were evacuated Difficulty in opening one of the emergency doors, And according to local media, there were issues with the rear slide expanding during the escape G1.

The maids began to say that the plane was about to explode, Sparked frustration that the plane had to be evacuated. No one could open the door, ”Amorim recalled.

He also said he saw many people injured as the rear slope did not touch the ground. “The turbine was on when I went down the slide, which is why the slide is not fully open” and “There were those who fell from above”, He revealed.

Azulin Airbus 320 aircraft from Brazilian airline.  (Blue).
Azulin Airbus 320 aircraft from Brazilian airline. (Blue).

“People started pushing, I was with a baby. They were all behind the turbine, down the slope. I went downstairs and left my baby and looked back at my wife, she fell and was injured. Another woman’s leg was broken, a pregnant woman felt so bad. There was only one ambulance“, He said Venterson Departments, Another traveler who traveled with his family.

Combos pointed out that it started when the plane came to a sudden stop. At that time it began to circulate Smoke and burning odor inside the trunk. The maid started shouting for everyone to leave the ship as soon as possible.

“People don’t know what happened, they don’t know how to tell what’s going on,” said Campos’ wife. Natalia do Nacimento Campos, To the same media.


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