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After 48 months of terrible uncertainty, the light that reveals what was hidden in the dark is a pediatrician’s dream.

My Missouri, In mid-May 1996, when a five-year-old boy completed more than 1,400 days with unexplained symptoms of dull and severe tachycardia, Dr. Sick Minor.

Identity: “My disguise at Kabul airport and how I escaped from Afghanistan”

The child may have AIDS‘The omen of a terrifying dream.

After many hours of comparing several special tests, the prediction came true: a little Brian Jackson There was an advanced infection VIH.

Why did pediatrician Steele have this amazing dream?

Because, before going to bed, he remembered the terrible sentence the father of the child said to the mother a few weeks after the birth:Your child will not live beyond the age of five”.

In 1998, after a rigorous trial, American justice found it unbelievable: his father had injected him VIH.

Although Brian Still alive today, the result is disgusting: Father He wanted his son to die.

At the time, Brian Jackson was 31 years old. (Photo: @brryanjackson).

American press reports Jennifer O’Brien Stewart They met in January 1990 while studying medicine at university.

Five months later, Jennifer became pregnant.

By August of that year, when she was struggling with her pregnancy instincts, Brian joined the U.S. Outpost. Gulf War.

When he returned, trouble started.

With Brian Jackson Newborn, Stewart began to abuse his wife Child support.

In many heated conflicts, the man would have uttered an unusual sentence that constantly echoed: “Your child will not live beyond the age of fiveFor obvious reasons, the relationship between father and mother ended in 1992.

The man told the court that although the major factor in the dispute was financial, he did not want to have a child.  (Photo: iStock)
The man told the court that although the major factor in the dispute was financial, he did not want to have a child. (Photo: iStock)

To 11 months oldThe boy was rushed to hospital with an asthma attack.

Jennifer was furious to call her father if something serious happened.

The man, who was working as an assistant in a medical laboratory at the time, attended the woman’s request and was in the hospital on the day the baby was discharged.

Minutes after Brian Jackson left the hospital admission room, Stewart let his mother go to the restaurant.

He committed the greatest atrocity at that time.

It only takes a few seconds for Brian to pull out a mounted syringe HIV-contaminated blood.

In the loneliness of the offender, he poured the liquid into his son’s hand.

By then, there were loud screams from Brian Jackson Only post What remains of his cruelty.

Suffers with and without diagnosis

From that lucky day, Brian began to feel strange fatigue, high fever and recurrent headaches.

For about four years, the boy and his mother went to all sorts of doctors to see what was going on.

After much wandering, one night he had to be admitted to the hospital for a debilitating disorder. Message in dreams His pediatrician took him to test his body for HIV.

They gave me five months to live and sent me homeBrian recalled in an interview with the BBC 20 years later.

At that time, the virus Page Excessive stigma occurred and the victims had to experience the unpleasant Company Reports.

Brian, more than his schoolmates, feared for him the parents of the children.

Due to his ignorance of his illness, he was not invited to the banquets of others and Isolated For most of his childhood.

Meanwhile, Stewart’s parents were embroiled in lawsuits for refusing to pay.

Among those cases, Strange infection De Bryan caught the attention of the authorities.

An investigative team from the local public prosecutor’s office began evaluating all the possibilities.

The absence of HIV positive cases in the child’s close circle reduced the list of suspects.

A review of the events led to Brian Stewart I worked taking blood samples, Was great.

The guilt of an R and difference

"I can never be in a mob, I was cut for a happy life, not a thug life", Wrote in the description of this photo on Instagram.  (Photo: @brryanjackson).
“I can never be in a gang, I ‘m cut to the happy life, not the thug life,” he wrote in the description of this photo on Instagram. (Photo: @brryanjackson).

In 1998, the Brian Stewart case reached U.S. criminal courts.

Within months, the appointed attorneys were able to verify that the man Stole blood His work and paid for it baby.

For the crime of ‘assault in the first degree’, the judge’s sentence was exemplary as Brian did not die fortunately: Life sentence.

Stewart is currently in jail and will be able to spend the rest of his sentence at home in prison with the current option.

To his surprise, the boy he wanted to kill was already there 31 year old man It has long ceased to be his son.

Entering the New Millennium, Brian Jackson decided to add an ‘R’ to his original name (Brian) and changed his first name (Stewart) to his mother’s name.

That is why it is presented thus today Brian Jackson.

Although medications are an essential part of his routine, the disease is not a barrier.

She works as a motivational speaker and owns her own clothing brand: ‘Hope’.

In his ambitious personal plans, one stands alone, which can be very symbolic for him: Be a dad.


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