June 3, 2023

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Canada: More than 3,000 new BMWs abandoned in Vancouver rotting outside Video | EC stories | The world

Thanks to a video posted by user Supercar.Fails on Instagram, the news about the nearly 3,000 cars abandoned in Vancouver a few days ago went viral, . What is really unique is that they are pure MINI and BMW unitsAbandoned on that land.

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As if that weren’t enough, most of the examples shown in the video are high performance variants of each model, such as some BMW M4, M6 or MINI JCW. According to what is known, these cars were abandoned in early 2015 and since then, no one has done anything for them.

Of course many car fans have gone to that place and thought about retrieving a unit, but the truth is that it is practically impossible. These cars were abandoned by the importer because they suffered major damage during the relocation Canada.

During the trip, several cars were with us Mechanical problems For bad handwriting, repairing them to resell is very expensive. In the same way, the units were severely affected by salt water, moisture and sand, the components that decompose the electronic components of the suspension.

Upon learning of this problem, all units were placed in storage. BMW conducted a study on whether it was possible to repair cars, but they realized that it would be a waste of huge money and they wanted to validate the insurance.

Despite the low quality of the video, you can still find high quality models like the BMW M6, M4 and many more mini JCW. In the same way, the Albina P6 appears to be the model that takes the Series 6 as its base and takes it to other luxury levels; If so, it would be the most valuable car of all abandoned.

As far as is known, there are no plans to recover them and it is expected that within a few months they will start destroying cars. According to the brand report, all possible materials will be recycled to reduce the pollution expected as these models are abandoned.


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