May 30, 2023

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Cartagena | Colombia: Estofania Morales Vergara, the woman who destroyed Chloro’s office during a rage for not wanting to wear a mask, must pay for it | Video | Description | EC stories | The world

The woman who caused the violent reaction was identified as Estephania Morales Vergara at Claro’s office in El Lacito, Cartagena’s exclusive neighborhood. .

then what You will be asked to apply the mask within the companyThe telecommunications company said on Thursday that the woman was outraged and caused damage inside the headquarters.

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The scene was recorded on video, which aired on social media on Wednesday. In which, can be observed from any moment The user responds angrily to a man who provided attention.

In a witness record, The staff tried not to touch her to avoid a bad confrontationBut the occupations were rising in tone over time.

The call for peace from the staff did not prevent the woman from continuing to attack what she saw on the way to the warehouse. The television that was on display was also affected.

The woman then sat on the floor and made strange remarks: “Wrong! (…) I curse them, for Eva’s heart. Hey mom, my mom “ he said.

A few minutes later the police arrived, removed the woman from the scene, made an official record of the incident and took up the complaints.

“The woman is from San Pedro, Antioch; Caused material damage to the interior of the telephone company Clear 58-inch TV, one computer keyboard, one MLT brand monitor, three biometrics, four glass separators, The damages, valued at 6 million pesos (approximately $ 1,500), have been left to the prosecutor’s office”, Cartagena describes the police report.

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Eyewitnesses to the incident commented that the woman had committed similar scams at a hotel and beach in this exclusive area. CartagenaBut officials say they have no record of these events.