May 30, 2023

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Charges against Sebastian Pinera: Vice-Chancellor speaks for more than 15 hours to allow his colleagues to vote

One deputy spoke for more than 15 hours with minimal breaks to go to the bathroom, another traveled from the far south of the country to vote and a third were isolated until midnight for being in close contact. With the President COVID-19.

It was a marathon and painful vote that lasted almost 24 hours in the House of Representatives. Approves political inquiry into Chilean president Sebastian Pinera, Alleged irregularities in the sale of its tax haven at the beginning of the first period (2010-2014) of a mining project.

Next, the chronicle of a session on the history of Chile due to its meaning and form.

“Wait, Deputy Naranzo!”

Vice-Chancellor in charge of presenting the arguments of the Opposition Piñera should be removed, Socialist Jaime Narancho, He had already warned when he arrived on the hemicycle just before 10:00 am yesterday: “I take the time necessary to read from page 1 to the last so that no one can say I do not know the paradigms.”

Naranzo sat in his seat, dressed by incoming adversaries, and read the 1,300 pages he had prepared, including environmental court rulings, pieces of law, legal hearings, and newspaper articles.

Only twice did he go to the bathroom, take his blood pressure, change the mask several times, and stay all day with water, juice, and some grapes: “I have the energy and strength (…) to fast for its justice. Country. During the military dictatorship, I learned to go a long way without eating, ”he admitted.

“Hold on, Vice Naranzo!” With occasional cheers and supportive posters from his colleagues; Thus the Member of Parliament delayed the vote to allow the Deputy Prime Minister George Jackson, Leftist Frende Amblio, Christian Democrat who will end its isolation George Sabak He traveled 500 kilometers from South Sillan to Congress in Valparaiso.

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Jackson was detained until 00:00 local time on Tuesday for allegedly having close contact with presidential candidate Gabriel Bori. COVID-19 In isolation last week and more.

Sahab, in an unexpected turn of events, added even more tension to the day, questioning whether he would take part in the vote after being delayed from arriving in the port city in the middle of the afternoon, posing some physical discomfort.

Eventually, he was able to reach the stroke at midnight, but entered invisibly and through a side door to avoid possible health restrictions.

Telematic voting was not allowed in this session, and the presence of both parties was required for the opposition to get the 78th vote. The charge against Pinara went ahead.

“Chile will judge those who allow this impunity in the country,” Naranzo concluded deliberately, as soon as Jackson entered the hemicycle, took a selfie with him and gave him a cake.

Very “Gringo” training

Thus, just before 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, the constitutional indictment was presented to the Senate with 78 votes in favor, 67 votes against and 3 votes absent, the investigation revealed. Documents of Pandora.

The case will be heard High camera Two-thirds require more quorum and options are much smaller – a few days ago Chile Celebrate next November 21st with the most important and uncertain elections in your recent history.

Pinara, 71, is the fourth richest man in the world Chile, Maintains it He quit his job Through the blind trusts in 2009 and the revelations made in 2017 have already been dismissed, but the prosecutor’s office has launched a new investigation.

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The strategy used by the 70-year-old Naranzo, who has been the protagonist for hours through countless memes about his achievement on social websites, is known in Chile as ‘Lazarus Law’, although its most widely used name is Parliamentary Filipustering.

This is a legal and common practice in countries like the United States where there is a Republican Party Ted Cruz He spoke incessantly for 21 hours in 2013 against the former president’s health plan Barack Obama.

This has also been used Chile: The last record was held by radical conservative George Ulova, who intervened for six hours in 1993 so that a colleague from his bench could vote on the indictment against three Supreme Court judges.

After Naranzo, it was the turn of Pinara’s lawyer. George Calves, He gave a brilliant speech for almost six hours: “I urge you to reject this unjust constitutional charge,” asked one utterly exhausted roommate.

Accusation If he does not become the first president to be ousted in 30 years of Chilean democracy, it will be painful in the last months of Pinara’s decree to step down in March 2022. (EFE)

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