May 30, 2023

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Chavez’s daughter brands protesters in Cuba as “lower class people” and tells police to act

Alida Guevara March, daughter Ernesto Che Guevara, Revealed a few days later Mass protests in Cuba on July 11 He did it to disqualify the protesters as “really low class people”.

In a three-minute audio he sent to the Argentine radio station Radio Rebel AM740 last week, he argued who Miguel Diaz-Colonel protested against the government Son “Fewer people, in fact, have no stumbling blocks, no one.”

“So some idiots are following them,” Guevara said before blaming the March administration. Joe Biden. “In recent days they have been trying to take action completely against the people because it is really against the people, (…) they are the ones who paid. United States”.

“The situation is under control,” he said Cuba. “We demand that the police act and protect ours, (…) We want the police to really be more. “He uttered.

In the absence of official data, activists have documented more than 500 detainees July 11 demonstrations in CubaReligious organizations are assisting the relatives of those arrested, including many minorities, and the harsh testimonies of people who have been released in recent days are coming to light.

Demonstrations took place on Sunday the 11th, plunging the country into a severe economic and health crisis, violating epidemic controls, severe shortages of food, medicine and other basic necessities, in addition to long power cuts, pushing Cubans to take to the streets to criticize their government.

The authorities, for their part, They insist on criticizing the United States, From demonstrations and the severe shortage the country is experiencing.

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With information from EFE.