November 27, 2022

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Chechen leader asks Russia to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine

Chairman Chechnya, Ramzan KadyrovThis Saturday advocated “more radical measures”. Ukraine By Russiaincluding the use of “low-yield nuclear weapons”.

“In my view, more serious steps should be taken to declare martial law in the border areas and use low-yield nuclear weapons,” the president said. North Caucasus Republic on his Telegram channel.

Kadyrov called to pick up Kiev and destroy the Ukrainian state, suggesting that the Kremlin ignore the reaction of the US and other Western countries.

He has already spoken and done a lot against us.

The Chechen leader strongly criticized the Russian military withdrawal on Saturday The strategic city of LimanOn the territory of Ukraine DonetskIt was recently annexed by Russia, following the withdrawal of the Kharkov region earlier this month.

“Yesterday Izium (Kharkov city), today the (Ukrainian) flag was hoisted in Liman. What tomorrow?” He wrote.

General was charged Alexander LapinThe commander of the Central Military District, which was in charge of securing the Donbas region, explained.

In addition to severely criticizing his work, he considered him an “incompetent” general, accused him of receiving the Order of Hero of Russia without merit, suggested sending him to the front with a gun in hand, and censured the general staff. It hides it.

In fact, he recalled that the Chief of General Staff. Valery KurasimovLiman assured him recently that he did not see the withdrawal as possible.

“Military system will not lead us to any good. Commanders in the army should be appointed with strong character, brave and principled, who care about their men,” he asserted.

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Repetitive request

Ramzan KadyrovIn whose republic volunteers and reservation trainees have called on many occasions. Vladimir Putin More drastic measures should be taken Ukraineincluding public mobilization.

In a televised address last week, Putin warned I take it Russia has an “unparalleled” arsenal that allows it to counter any Western threat.

“I would like to remind you that our country also has various offensive systems and in some elements, they are more modern than countries. I take it“, he said.

Being Russian Deputy Foreign Minister was of little use. Sergey RyabkovAt a conference dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, it was clarified shortly after that Russia was not threatening anyone with nuclear weapons.

US President Joe Biden used his speech to the UN General Assembly to accuse Putin of making “reckless threats about the use of nuclear weapons”.

In the same way, General Secretary I take it, Jens StoltenbergUkrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky criticized Putin’s “dangerous” nuclear rhetoric after applying to join the Atlantic alliance following Russia’s annexation of four Ukrainian regions on Friday.

He called it a “seizure of European territory by force”. World War IIHe did not change his “commitment to support Ukraine”, insisting that “all democracies in Europe have the right to apply for NATO membership”.

In Annexation Signing Ceremony of Donetsk, Luhansk, Gerson Y ZaporizhiaPutin warned on Friday that Moscow would use “all forces and means” at its disposal to defend its national territory, not to mention nuclear weapons. (EFE)

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