November 27, 2022

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Chile: President Gabriel Boric is undertaking a deep reform that will affect the core of his government Izkia Siches | George Jackson | NMR | the world

President of Chile , carried out a deep reshuffle of his cabinet this Tuesday, which affected relevant figures, including Interior Ministers Ischia Cichs; The presidency, Giorgio Jackson, and the political group, the core of which profound decisions were made. .

The reshuffle of the center-left-turned cabinet, its first in nearly six months, comes two days after the reshuffle. The referendum to change the constitution is taking place amid pressure from the opposition and tensions within the left-wing coalition that the president relies on.

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Battle Appointed as the new Home Minister Carolina Doha, daughter Jose Doha, Home Minister in the ousted President’s government Salvador Allende He was one of those imprisoned by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990) and a member of the Center Party for Democracy (PPD).

As the President’s Minister, the President chooses Ana Leah Uriarde, A Socialist Party woman with extensive professional and political experience.

Jackson, one of the closest people to the president, a partner in the student strike, remains in the government as the new minister of social development and the family, while the new minister of health joins the epidemiologist. Ximena Aguilera.

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He also joins the management Diego BardoMember of Social Convergence, same party as President, Minister of Energy, and Sylvia DiazAn independent close to the PPD, he becomes the first science minister in Chile’s history.

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Controversy in the Sub-Secretariat

The announcement of the changes and the swearing-in ceremony were delayed by more than an hour due to the controversy over the appointment of a former student leader and member of the Communist Party as the joint home secretary. Nicholas CataldoChile became the shortest undersecretary in history.

Shortly after the news became known, members of the opposition and the local newspaper “La Tercera” recovered from social networks, mainly Twitter, the news of Cataldo in 2011. He criticized the military and accused them of infiltrating the protests, committing torture and trespassing. Its attributes.

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The most critical of the appointment was the former education minister. Marcela Cubillos“If it is true, the government has decided to laugh in the face of the victims of the violence and the people of the southern macrozone,” he assured, regarding the conflict in Araucania.

Cataldo is about to be transferred Manuel Monsalve, A prominent member of the PPD, he appeared as the president’s new minister, and after Cataldo’s impeachment – his appointment was made official by the president – he remained in office.