May 30, 2023

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Chilean Congress recognizes same-sex marriage in historic referendum | The world

It became the eighth country this Tuesday One of the biggest aspirations of the LGTBI community in the country is to legalize same-sex marriage after passing a historic bill that would allow same-sex marriage.

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In an unprecedented and cross-cutting event, Congress gave the green light to a bill that had been under discussion for more than four years, allowing two people of the same sex to marry once it became law.

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With this decision, it follows other Latin American countries such as Costa Rica or Ecuador, as well as other Latin American countries that have been thinking about this right for years, such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and many more. Mexico.

“This is a historical, revolutionary fact that changes the history of the country and ends up with some kind of formal abuse of families.”Ramon Gomez, the human rights activist for the Homosexuality Coalition and Liberation Movement (Movilh), shouted that it was a symbolic organization that has been fighting for this right for years.

Thank you for approving this law, which will be celebrated this afternoon with a parade in Central Plaza Italy in Santiago,Same-sex couples can have philatelic rights, such as having children in common.

With transverse support

The project received widespread support in both chambers: 82 votes in favor, 20 votes against and 2 abstentions in the House of Representatives; A few hours ago, with the support of 21 senators in the upper house, 8 voted against and 3 abstained.

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Following the current president’s show of support for the right – wing Sebastian Pinera, support for the ruling party (center-right) was high among the opposition due to the drive for the project. Debate last July.

“How nice it is to see how free Chilean citizens are. For the freedom to marry whomever you want, without anyone imposing what love is and how the family should be ”,” he said. Left-wing vice president Gonzalo Winter celebrated Frente Amplio (FA).

Right-wing senator Rodrigo Galilei (National Reconstruction) ruled that stopping same-sex marriage from being judged to be “bad or suspicious” was a “background cultural change” for the country.

Despite recent advances in social rights, Chile It is considered one of the most conservative countries in the region, especially due to its strong Catholic tradition.

Members of various social movements celebrate in the Senate after approving same-sex marriage in Chile. (DEDVI MISSENE / AFP).

Divorce was not legalized until 2004 and the right to abortion is considered only in three specific cases from 2017 (fetal dysfunction, risk to maternal life or rape).

“Today is a happy day for Chile. We are making progress in recognizing everyone and embracing diversity. “, Government spokesman Jaime Bellolio said.

Four-year ban

Attempts by former Socialist President Michelle Bachelet (2014-2018) launched the same-sex marriage initiative in 2017 and have been stagnant for almost four years.

In the surprising turn of events, Pinara said it was time to recognize it this year, but the announcement fell like a jug of cold water among the most conservative factions of the right, which has been able to extend their debate in recent months. .

Its implementation has been promoted by social rights sites, which include features such as the elimination of homosexuality as a cause of wrongful divorce, the recognition of trade unions contracted abroad, or the defining of the family name of children.

Isabel Amor, director of Fundación Iguales, one of the most important LTGBI sites, celebrated the project and said it was a “symbol” in the fight against violence against people of sexual and gender diversity.

Until now and since 2015, homosexuals can only unite under the legal form of the Civil Union Agreement (AUC), which does not recognize philanthropic rights.

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