June 3, 2023

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China: Beijing makes Russian oil a major source of crude oil

China Increased in May Imports Crude oil from Russia A 54.84% compared to the previous year’s figures According to data from Public administration of customs From the country.

In May of this year, the Asian legend A total of 8.41 million tons of crude oil was imported from the Slavic country. 2.98 million tonnes more than the same period in 2021.

These data refer to Russia Largest oil supplier to China, Thus Saudi Arabia moved to second place. Beijing imported 7.81 million tonnes from the Arab country this May, a Increase 9% per annum.

Agreements above the lock

In recent months, such as Chinese state-owned companies Synobec Y Genhua oil Russian oil purchases increased, attracted Strict discounts Compromised its exports to Europe after the embargo on Moscow for its occupation of Ukraine.

In February, Russian state-owned Rosneft and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNBC) reached an agreement to supply. 100 million tons of crude oil to China By pipelines in Kazakhstan – within 10 years.

China called for its honor in early March “Legal benefits” Reiterated that Was “firmly” opposed in any way “Unilateral permission” Against Russia for its occupation of Ukraine.

Opposing Western sanctions, Beijing warned that it was prepared to maintain economic exchanges with Moscow, believing that “they do not solve problems but help create new ones.”

Russian and Chinese presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, who met in Beijing, announced the opening of bilateral relations on February 4. “In the New Age” It also underscored the level of goodwill between the two countries.

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According to Beijing, its relationship with Moscow is a “strategic partner”, but does not include “No alliance, no conflict” It does not “target other countries”. (EFE)