December 4, 2022

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China: Horror on “Line 5” of Zhengzhou Tunnel during floods; At least 12 people died | Videos | The world

A hand with painted nails pushing the window of a wagon as water runs through the subway is one of the images of frustration shared on social media during the tragic flooding in the Zhengzhou subway. ).

View: Twenty-five people have been killed in torrential rains in China, and a subway has been flooded Videos

City officials in the province say at least 12 people have been killed and five injured in floods in the subway. Henan (East Center), with a population of over 10 million.

View: President Xi says floods in China are “very serious.”

On the Chinese social networking site Weibo and local media, fragments of this horror can be seen: videos recorded as the last witness to the worst, some “Line 5” wagons crowding at chest level water in an emergency.

Passengers, some stunned, others panicked, watching the water level around them rise, the brown submerged floors of the floodplain, and parents carrying their children on their shoulders.

In another video, a woman with painted nails can be seen pushing the car window with a clear conscience, a moving sign of distrust in the heights of the water, a sign of terrorism before the doors inevitably open.

“The water came out through the gaps between the doors and, moreover, the climbers in the seats of the wagon,” said another woman in Weibo.

As the man was returning home at around 5pm on Tuesday, his train stopped between two stations near the city train.

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Another Weibo user described how he was forced to stay in the car after a failed evacuation attempt.

“Over the next half hour, the water level inside the car continued to rise, from ankle to knee, and then to neck.”

“The light went out. It is difficult to breathe after half an hour, ”he said.

Survivors say parents lifted their children above the rushing water.

Suddenly, the lifeguards broke the glass. State media reported that the frightened passengers were also rescued from the roofs of cars.

Zhang told state television station CCTV: “I threw away my shirt, my bag, and everything I could take off. While those around us were sticking to the handrails, a dozen of us (outside the tunnel) climbed.

People see cars being washed away by the floods in Zhengzhou. (Photo STR / AFP).

Heavy storms in Zhengzhou since Saturday have caused this tragedy.

It rained record in and around the city, but its neighbors did not think about what was going to happen.

The social network is overflowing with messages from relatives of Zhengzhou residents, who worry that they will not be heard from because of lack of communication.

“Is the second floor in danger? My parents live there, but I can’t connect with them on the phone,” one wrote.

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