November 27, 2022

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China urges US to act “wisely” in Taiwan Joe Biden | The world

He urged the US president on Friday. , Must act “prudently” after his statements on military security If Beijing had occupied it.

Questioned Thursday about the possibility of US military intervention to help Taiwan, பிடன் Answered firmly.

Identity: Biden says the United States will defend Taiwan if China attacks

“Yes. We are committed to it”, He told CNN during a meeting with his allies in the Baltimore area.

Comments on பிடன் Go against the old American policy of “strategic ambiguity” aided by Washington Taiwan To build their defense but without promising to come out in favor of the island.

Currently, Taiwan It enjoys a democratic political system.

This small island region has been operating since 1945 under a regime established after the Civil War in the Asian country and after the Communist conquest of mainland China in 1949.

The “People’s Republic of China”, headed by Beijing and led by the Communist Party, considers the island a small part of its territory.

However, Chinese officials are threatening to use force if Taipei officially declares independence.

“False symptoms”

‘S statements were questioned this Friday பிடன்Beijing has asked the US president not to “interfere in internal affairs.”

“China will not compromise on issues related to its fundamental interests, such as its sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Said before the press Wang WenpinChinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman

“The US side (…) must act prudently on the Taiwan issue and avoid sending the wrong signals to Taiwanese pro-independence activists so as not to severely damage Sino-US relations.” The speaker continued.

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பிடன் He made a similar promise in August when he announced that the United States had made a “sacred commitment” to protect NATO allies in Canada and Europe. Taiwan”.

Following the US president’s insistence on Thursday, the White House assured the press that its policy on Taiwan had not “changed”.

“I doubt it பிடன் I am not trying to announce any change “, The Australian think tank Richard McGregor, a researcher at the Lowe Institute, told AFP.

“He did not care what he said, or considering how Beijing has increased Taiwan’s military harassment in recent times, he was determined to take a deliberately harsh tone.”


When asked that United States Can cope with the development of military programs China, பிடன் He too answered firmly.

“We know that China, Russia and the rest of the world have some of the most powerful military capabilities in the world.” Urged the President.

With everything பிடன் He reiterated his desire not to take part in a new Cold War China.

Beijing and Washington face off on a number of issues, but the Taiwan issue is often seen as the only issue triggering an armed conflict.

Nicholas Burns, the next ambassador to the Chinese capital, pointed out on Wednesday that he was not comfortable believing China In the case of Taiwan He also suggested selling more weapons to strengthen the security of this small island.

Speaking to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the diplomat – who wanted to confirm his appointment – condemned the recent intrusion of Chinese aircraft into the Air Defense Identity Zone (ADIZ) and called them “reprehensible.”

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