February 9, 2023

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Chinese Horoscope | Year of the Water Rabbit: These are the predictions of author Tang Yilin for Peru and the world | Chinese New Year 2023 | Chinese | the world

The fourth animal of the horoscope is welcomed from Taisui House from today. . The tiger said goodbye with a claw, symbolizing a turbulent season in China that has caused heartache due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus, strong social conflicts and violence in the world. The hero of an ancient Beijing myth, Mr. Faith is reborn with the arrival of Rabbit, who turns out to be a rabbit deity because, in addition to being a savior, he is a guardian of peace and a bearer of longevity.

to him Master Dong Yilin is the third generation fortune teller in his family, “Year of the Rabbit” is also known as “Year of the Black Water Rabbit” in China. The rabbit is associated with the earthly branch “Mao Tree” and the heavenly stem “Qi Water”. In this “Qui Mao” composition, the water is black because it destroys all that came before and represents a new beginning. According to Chinese astrologers, cleansing water creates fresh air that opens the way to prosperity and wealth.

Tang Yilin is the third generation in a family of feng shui masters. Photo: Patricia Castro Obando.

In Chinese tradition, the Year of the Rabbit It is auspicious for having children as it enjoys good fortune, balanced mind and long life. When the water rabbit “daisui” jumps into the house, the characteristics of the animal and its elements surround the whole year and affect people’s lives. The Rabbit is mild-tempered, highly efficient, quick-witted, and alert and cautious. Water gives it clarity, clarity and introspection. But their flow into the void can cause anxiety, sensitivity and avoidance. The fourth animal of the Chinese horoscope comes with the paw of fortune, but governs the art of escape.

According to Chinese soothsayers, this year the Rabbit becomes the guardian of the Goat, Pig and Dog and the enemy of the Rooster, Rat and Dragon. Other animals such as the ox, tiger, horse, snake and monkey are in a state of confusion, while the rabbit enters a “penmingnian” or own year that promotes profound changes. The goat and pig are in sync with the “xianghe” or rabbit who becomes the “guiren” or mediator to achieve goals. Although the dog has a “gehe” which suggests a pendulum situation, it carries him closer and further away from success.

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The Peru Snake for the year it was founded. It contains Year of the Water Rabbit is in an ambiguous position. According to Master Tong, November is prone to snake-falling or blood-stained calamities. However, he will receive the help of the “Taisui” or Emperor of the Year, which will create an unexpected and happy event that will allow him to achieve what he wants. In the world, diplomacy will be consolidated as the best weapon against wars and conflicts. The pandemic virus continues to mutate, creating new variants and spreading rapidly, but also becoming weaker and more elusive.

The Year of the Rabbit It represents a new direction and a new beginning. Its annual characteristic “Qui Mao” represents the birth of new shoots from heavenly trunks and earthly branches. To the witch, “Spring is blooming, it’s time to go out and find food.” Because of its energy and jumpiness, this is a great time to start projects, projects or ventures. An ancient Chinese proverb says, “A cunning rabbit has three holes,” which can mean a rabbit up your sleeve, a plan B, or a rabbit in your hat.

The sign of the rabbit – the fourth of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac – represents talent, wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture.

The sign of the rabbit – the fourth of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac – represents talent, wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture.

How about the twelve animals this year?


  • Rat offends Taisui or Emperor of the Year. The relationship between the rat and the rabbit is “xing”, pain or punishment. Conflicts and crimes can trigger loss of health and money.
  • Fortune: Work hard but no profit.
  • Career: Aim for stability and balance.
  • Love: There will be breakups, communication problems.
  • Health: Maintain a balanced diet.


  • The ox advances on the cobbled path. You have to create opportunities and take advantage of them, but you have to tread carefully. If you’re careless you can miss what you see on the road.
  • Luck: Use your connections to achieve your goals.
  • Career: A “guiran” or mediator appears to save him.
  • Love: Value a stable relationship based on mutual trust.
  • Health: Pay attention to the stomach and spleen.
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  • Tiger and Rabbit maintain a “jee” or predatory relationship, which has been reversed this year. Avoid “xiaoren” or harmful people who take advantage of your vulnerable position.
  • Fortuna: Good performance and teamwork to generate income.
  • Career: Get help from “guiren” to boost your professional development.
  • Love: A third person appears in the relationship.
  • Health: Pay attention to liver, gall bladder and eyesight.


  • If the rabbit wants to jump again, its restraints must be released. He faces a year of ups and downs and unexpected events. You can get more benefits if you cooperate with Goat and Pig.
  • Luck: Small gains and few losses will increase your capital.
  • Industry: Sustainable and secure growth. Give when you can and keep a low profile.
  • Love: Manage the relationship with transparency to avoid unfounded suspicions.
  • Health: Pay attention to the blood, liver and gall bladder.


  • The dragon maintains “siangkai” or damage relationships with the rabbit. He faces “liuhai” or six evils, i.e. problems with “xiaoren” or harmful people. This is the last year to wrap things up.
  • Fortuna: Take care of your capital. Chance of losing your investments.
  • Career: Avoid conflicts with superiors or colleagues. Measure your actions.
  • Romance: Improve communication in intimate settings. Watch your words.
  • Health: Pay attention to travel safety during April, July and October.


  • The snake faces insurmountable obstacles in its path. In dangerous situations you must act with the prudence and caution of the rabbit. If you persevere you will reach your goal.
  • Fortuna: Spot and take advantage of opportunities along the way.
  • Career: Sufficient space for career development.
  • Love: Change and instability are likely.
  • Health: Focus on mental health and a balanced diet.


  • The horse enlists the help of the “guiran” or mediator, who opens the doors of the carol. He sees many options and has to make difficult decisions. Rabbit drivers change.
  • Fortune: Be careful in the management of your wealth.
  • Career: Your efforts will get you help from superiors and colleagues
  • Love: Favorable for choosing life time partner.
  • Health: Pay attention to the lungs, liver and gall bladder.
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  • The goat climbs the slope and falls to the top after three years. To exert the energy of a rabbit ready to jump. The Goat commands and the Rabbit obeys.
  • Fortune: Cooperate with the Pig and the Rabbit to increase your fortune.
  • Business: New space will open for business development.
  • Love: Becomes the center of attention.
  • Health: Stable. Focus on a balanced diet.


  • The monkey comes into conflict with the rabbit occupying the “Taisui” house. He is very interested in making profit as time is running out. He needs a goat and a pig.
  • LUCKNOW: Don’t lend money or invest blindly. Take care of tradition.
  • Career: Only through cooperation can you achieve your goals.
  • Love: Protect your relationship and avoid arguments.
  • Health: Pay attention to the stomach and skin.


  • The Rooster and the Rabbit maintain a “chang” or shock relationship. The Rooster’s impulsiveness creates an unstable climate that can lead to conflicts or disasters. Be careful in March, September and October.
  • Luck: Risk of being cheated. Be careful with investments.
  • Occupation: Lack of partners. Avoid speculation.
  • Love: Act wisely. Separation is not the way.
  • Health: Traveling east, southwest and west of your birth place is not good.

the dog

  • The Dog is compatible with the Rabbit, but they maintain an ambiguous relationship. “guiren” or mediation works in two ways. To win, you must share the profits.
  • Luck: Your wealth will increase but there is a risk of subsequent loss.
  • Career: Get help from colleagues. This shows great progress.
  • Romance: Most popular. It tests reliability.
  • Health: Stable and without complications.


  • The Pig and the Rabbit enter a phase of greater cooperation. The rabbit destroys the wounds caused by the tiger. The energy of the Rabbit allows the Pig to start a new phase in his life.
  • Fortune: Wealth comes from all directions. Investments will prosper.
  • Career: New opportunities will open up to choose from.
  • Love: Enhances and protects your relationship.
  • Health: Full recovery. Pay attention to the kidneys and eyesight.